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A New Era Approaches as CL Returns With ‘+HWA+’

A New Era Approaches as CL Returns With ‘+HWA+’

Since the release of ‘Post Up’ in September, fans of CL, also known as GZBs’, have been awaiting the star having a full-on comeback. We’re happy to announce that CL returns to the industry with ‘+HWA+’ and ‘+5 STAR+’. ‘+HWA+’ is a track that talks about her impact as an artist while ‘+5 STAR+’ goes in-depth with her romantic side. The two songs are just a glimpse into the dynamic of what’s to come. The two new releases mark a new era as it shows that her big return to the industry is finally here. The famous rapper known for her cutting edge rapping skills in the K-POP industry made it clear to us that she’s solidifying her stance and will keep improving her legacy.

CL marks a new era when she returns with '+HWA+' and '+5STAR+'
CL via Twitter

It only made sense that CL decided to perform ‘+HWA+’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden as she was the first K-POP star to perform on it years ago. Performing it at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, CL shows off different sides of her artistry with fashion, dance, and rap skills. We couldn’t help but eat up the amazing content. Also, CL reveals that she has an album dropping on November 30th called Alpha. It will be her first album to date as a solo artist and will also have a physical copy. 

At her press conference regarding the new releases, CL revealed that since leaving YG Entertainment, she has been navigating and learning about the music industry on her own. Due to this, she started Very Cherry which is a team of creatives that help CL to move freely and create without restrictions. She has no new agency as of right now. Very Cherry serves as a distributor to her music as Very Cherry licensed under Kakao M. Corporation is credited underneath her new releases.

Wherever CL goes, we will follow. We’re excited about our queen’s return and look forward to her adding to the legacy belt that she has. As one of the strongest female K-POP rappers, we are always looking forward to seeing how our faves grow within the ever-changing industry. Until the drop of Alpha, we’ll be listening to ‘+HWA+’ and ‘+5 STAR+’! CL, we’ll always support you! We can’t wait to see what you have in-store!

Are you excited for CL’s comeback? What do you hope to hear in Alpha?

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