Belift Lab’s Enhypen Is Set To Hit The Stage!

Belift Lab’s Enhypen Is Set To Hit The Stage!

The day has arrived! Big Hit and CJ Entertainment’s joint venture, Belift Lab, is set to debut their first boy group, Enhypen, on November 30th! The seven-member group has gathered serious buzz since their final lineup was announced!

Enhypen especially made waves after the subsequent releases of concept trailers Choose-Chosen and Dusk-Dawn. Both videos, the first of the two narrated beautifully by Australian member Jake, set the mood for the Gothic concept they prepared for. The dark and mysterious imagery showing fans how hard they had been working since the survival show, I-LAND, ended on September 18th.

Belift also released two visual concept teasers with striking contrast, a key theme in their debut concept! Dawn, a gentle blue sky complimenting the pink text, and Dusk, the intimidating image of a throne bathed in a saturated red glow. Enhypen have already turned heads with their social media presence, garnering over a million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, but the unknown nature of their debut is too hard to miss!

enhypen, debut
source: Belift Lab
enhypen, debut
source: Belift Lab

On October 28th midnight KST, the anticipated date of their debut was revealed, alongside their debut album! [BORDER : DAY ONE] is set to release on November 30th, a date fans theorized since the release of the first teaser! Pre-orders for the album have been opened! Get yourself ready for the start of a new beginning.

source: Belift Lab

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Featured image source: Twitter ENHYPEN_members

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