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Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande, Tomorrow X Together, Harry Styles… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Ariana Grande, Tomorrow X Together, Harry Styles… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

Positions – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has arrived to save 2020 with the release of her sixth studio album Positions and honestly, we are in awe. The voluptuous record is definitely Ariana’s most risqué but we are here for women in music confidently singing about their sexuality. Though the themes are explicit, at first listen with Ari’s angelic vocals and the chilled R&B beats, you may be fooled into thinking there’s more innocence to the album.

With a taste of disco-funk and neo-soul, Ariana has definitely left her comfort zone as far as exploration in sound but we are absolutely living for it. Full of fluttery melodies and scanty midtempos, the album captures that honeymoon phase of a relationship that’s almost dreamlike and we truly love it. If there’s one criticism, we wish the tracks were longer but we guess less is more and Ari makes it work!

Listen to the album here

minisode 1: Blue Hour – Tomorrow X Together

TXT are back and they are continuing the magic in their new era. The group just released their new mini-album minisode 1: Blue Hour, with songs to lift your spirits. The retro and funky beats we hear in all songs throughout the album, especially in lead track ‘Blue Hour’ and ‘Ghosting’, filled up your soul and you can’t help but smile as you listen. With songs written by the members, this album is meant to lift up your mood but also with themes we can relate to. ‘We Lost The Summer’ is a beautiful song that relates back to the current global pandemic, and you can feel all that TXT wanted to say in this song.

The boys have proved that they have that special something that makes us love them and we are loving seeing them grow and refine their sound. Also, if you haven’t checked out the fantasy that is their music video for ‘Blue Hour’, you are definitely missing out!

Listen to the album here

‘Golden’ – Harry Styles

As the nights begin to get longer and colder, our king Harry Styles has given us all a bit of sunshine. Just this week we were all treated to the ‘Golden’ music video and we haven’t stopped beaming with happiness since! The single is the first track of Styles’ sophomore record Fine Line and is a Fresh Music Friday fav, so naturally, we’re just as in love with the video. We honestly don’t know what’s not to love about seeing Harry frolic about the Amalfi coast in designer clothing from the likes of Gucci and S.S.DAVEY?

Listen to the single here

‘Naughty List’ – Liam Payne ft Dixie D’Amelio

It might not even be November yet, but our true love Liam Payne has given us an early Christmas gift! ‘Naughty List’ is a sultry Christmas love song that we can’t stop grooving to. Liam’s smooth vocals blend seamlessly with Dixie’s honey-sweet voice to create a duet that just sucks you in the more you listen. But whatever you do, don’t go blasting this sexy song around your parents!

Listen to the single here

Love Goes – Sam Smith

Riding high off their summer hit ‘Lasting Lover’, Sam Smith has just dropped an exquisitely heartbreaking album Love Goes. We’ve been dying for this record to be released since it was pushed back from June as a result of COVID-19 and we’re so hyped that we’ve finally been able to listen to Love Goes in full.

Our favorite thing about Sam Smith is their one of a kind voice. So naturally, on an album full of electronic ballads it shines through like a diamond. Some of our favorite tracks include ‘My Oasis’, ‘Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)’, and ‘Fire on Fire’. It’s a beautiful album with songs from the past two years so catch us vibing up in our nostalgia this weekend!

Listen to the album here

Eyes Wide Open – TWICE

We really love nothing more than a new album from TWICE and this time it is all about the retro and mature vibes. ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ is the ‘Physical’ of K-pop and has been on replay all week! In TWICE we trust to get a new banger! The rest of the album follows the same trend and has some hidden gems like ‘Behind The Mask’ which is co-produced by no other than Dua Lipa! Now that is something we didn’t expect and we love it so much! Eyes Wide Open has a big variety of songs and we can’t possibly pick a favorite song when they each have something to obsess over. TWICE really did it again by giving us another great album and we are so proud of the girls!

Listen to the album here

‘No Drama’ – Becky G x Ozuna

From the cold and cozy feeling of the festive tunes, we’re turning the heat up with Becky G’s new tropical tune! Ozuna hops on this beat-heavy bop that takes control over your hips and has you yearning to be partying it up somewhere warm. The alluring track sings about wishing for a drama-free romance and honestly what a mood. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

‘I Need You Christmas’ – Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back with a new Christmas song just for us! ‘I Need You Christmas’ is such a beautiful song. This new ballad really shows off their voices and it is everything we love about the Jonas Brothers and more! It is perfect for this holiday season, we 100% suggest giving this one a listen and adding this one to your holiday playlist.

Listen to the single here

‘HWA’ & ‘5Star’ – CL

Queen CL has returned and we are living for it! She gave us not only one but two songs for her grand comeback and they couldn’t be more different! While ‘Hwa’ is a typical CL hip-hop track, with her outstanding rap verses and a catchy repetitive chorus. ‘5Star’ is a ballad that shows off CL’s wonderful vocal skills. No one can compare to her when it comes to performance. We are glad to see CL back and really can’t wait for her album, which is coming at the end of November!

Listen to the singles here

‘Fever’ – Dua Lipa ft Angele

There’s nothing we love more than a tune from Dua Lipa and we at Fresh Music Friday are vibing so hard to her latest track. ‘Fever’ ft Angèle is a quietly understated track in this week’s new release line up, but one we love just as much if not more! It’s short but sweet and both Dua’s and Angèle’s voices harmonize so beautifully. If you’re on the hunt for a song to get your groove on to then this is the one for you!

Listen to the single here

‘Baby, I’m Coming Home’ – Ally Brooke

Joining on the Christmas song trend this Fresh Music Friday is Ally Brooke! The spunky festive bop is laced with jingle bells and captivating beats that accompany Ally’s stunning harmonies as she sings about going home to be with her loved one over the festive season. The track sounds like it’s a long time favorite that we’ve been vibing to for years, but while it may be new we don’t doubt this is going to be a long-term fixture to our festive playlists of the future!

Listen to the single here

Post Human: Survival Horror – Bring Me The Horizon

In recent years, British hotshot band Bring Me The Horizon have come under fire for straying away from their metal roots. But after establishing themselves in the ‘mainstream’ music world, they’ve shown all their critics that they’re still the best metal band going too. Post Human: Survival Horror is the latest installment in a series of EP’s and packs a mighty punch. Not only is it full of hit singles ‘Ludens’, ‘Parasite Eve’ and ‘Obey’, it’s also full of a whole new set of tracks set to become fan favorites.

‘Teardrops’ has cemented itself as the moodier, older brother of their hit song ‘Drown’ and ‘Dear Diary,’ effortlessly evokes a sense of nostalgia for Sempiternal fans. Here at Fresh Music Friday, we’re also obsessed with their collaboration with Babymetal. ‘Kingslayer’ is, at its core, everything we know and love about BMTH but with a breath of youth and it will have you feeling alive. In fact, there’s not a track on this EP we don’t like. It’s jam-packed with talent from Yungblud and The Nova Twins to Amy Lee of Evanescence. If you aren’t listening to this EP this weekend then you’re not doing life right.

Listen to the EP here

Traveller – Super Junior K.R.Y

K.R.Y is here to make us cry with their beautiful voices in their new Japanese single ‘Traveller’. K.R.Y combines Super Junior‘s amazing vocalists Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung and they never have to hide when it comes to their voices. No one can compare when it comes to K.R.Y’s skill set. And ‘Traveller’ is a beautiful upbeat ballad that shows off their high notes. It gives off a warm winter feeling and will be perfect to listen to in the upcoming cold months!

Listen to the single album here

‘It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries’ – Carly Rae Jepsen

Pop queen Carly Rae Jepsen is here for the holiday season with her new single ‘It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries’. If, like us, you have oodles of holiday traditions that result in a big family argument then you’ll find this upbeat tune dangerously relatable. But no matter what your own family traditions are, we’re sure everyone will agree that this is a catchy Christmas song set to get everyone in a festive mood!

Listen to the single here

‘That Won’t Save Us’ – Against The Current

Two years after the release of their second album, Past Lives, Against The Current is back with a new single. Coming back to their roots, ‘That Won’t Save Us’ is a pop-rock track with lots of guitars, bass, drums, and everything you would want from a perfect pop-rock song. And of course, Chrissy Costanza delivered with her amazing sweet but raw vocals. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us but this is an amazing start for a new era for sure!

Listen to the single here

‘More’ – K/DA ft Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns & Seraphine

League of Legends’ virtual girl group K/DA is back with ‘More’ in a stunning new MV. The animated members Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Kai’Sa, and Seraphine are voiced by (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon and Soyeon, Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and Lexie Liu respectively. With a lineup like this it’s no surprise the track is so catchy and powerful! We have the visual masterpiece on repeat. But luckily, we won’t have to wait too long for more as the group’s EP All Out is set to drop on November 6th!

Listen to the single here

‘Am I The Only One’ – R3HAB, Astrid S & HRVY

Clublanders, this one’s for you! ‘Am I The Only One’ is a club-friendly banger with pulsating beats and is a signature R3HAB sound with HRVY & Astrid S’s duet being a blessing to the ears. The EDM bop is one to get you up on your feet, even if it’s only in your bedroom. We think it’ll sound amazing live at a festival the sweet day live music can return.

Listen to the single here

A Very Trainor Christmas – Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor has heard our prayers and gave us an entire album full of just Christmas songs! And boy are we happy! Christmas is just around the corner and the new and old songs are going to make this holiday season just so much sweeter. Let the holiday cheer begin! Our favorite tracks include ‘I Believe in Santa,’ ‘Christmas Party,’ and ‘My Only Wish.’ With features from Earth, Wind & Fire, Seth MacFarlane, and Jerry Trainor, this album is surely our kind of present, and we hope we and Meghan will find loads of those under the Christmas tree and if one of them is this album? We won’t complain!

Listen to the album here

Disharmony: STAND OUT – P1Harmony

FNC’s new boy group is here and they made a statement with STAND OUT. The title song ‘Siren’ is a great ring into their hopefully successful career. The group seems to be heavy on hip-hop and a grungy concept. Their rappers sure have the bars to show for it! The entire album is heavy on this style and it is so good we can’t stop listening! A STAND OUT on the album is sure ‘Butterfly’ which reminds us of Sf9 songs, who are P1Harmony‘s seniors! We have high hopes for the group’s future since their debut was high production and the boys even starred in their own feature film. We surely are keeping a close eye on this group!

Listen to the album here

‘December Baby’ – JoJo

JoJo is back yet again this time with an awesome new Christmas song. ‘December Baby’ showcases JoJo’s amazing vocals while putting you right in the Christmas spirit. It’s the perfect song for a festive movie soundtrack. We at Fresh Music Friday cannot get enough and can’t help but suggest this song to all of you!

Listen to the single here

See Also

Boyager – DRIPPIN

We are smelling monster rookies with the debut album Drippin brought to us this week. Boyager is phenomenal and is a banger. Lead single ‘Nostalgia’ gives us all the nostalgia with the 2nd generation KPOP feels it has. Drippin establishes themselves as the rookies to watch this time around. Boyager has some really great b-side songs. ‘Overdrive’ is the track we recommend you if you want a new feel-good bop in your life. These tunes are really a pleasant surprise to get at the end of the month and we at Fresh Music Friday are excited for more!

Listen to the album here

‘Shake Ya Boom Boom’ – Static & Ben El Ft Black Eyed Peas

Guaranteed you’ll be shaking every part of your body with this shapeshifting collaboration between Black Eyed Peas and Israeli duo Static and Ben El. With a funky beat and playful lyrics, you will be hearing this everywhere in the months to come. Don’t forget to keep practicing your moves because it’s only a matter of time before this song turns into a viral TikTok sensation!

Listen to the single here

‘Under The Mistletoe’ – Kelly Clarkson & Brett Eldredge

If you’re in need of some Christmas spirit this track is for you. As Christmas is fast approaching, Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge just gifted us a new Christmas track, ‘Under The Mistletoe’. As we’re all aware both Kelly and Brett are amazing singers, so when put together in a track, wow. The twos voices mesh so well together!. The track follows a new bubbling romance, with the classic Christmas sound. It’s for sure going to be your new favorite Christmas song. It’s already ours, we’re going have this playing on repeat, while we wait for Christmas.

Listen to the single here


Now we at Fresh Music Friday can’t help but lose it over the fact that Mino is finally back. WINNER is sadly on hiatus due to some members serving in the military and Inner Circles are now hoping for a lot of solo activities. And so, Mino is here to save them! Take is another fantastic album and shows off how talented Mino is. Most of the album is entirely self-produced and written! Also, the features on the album are mostly Mino’s friends which is amazing to see!

We love to see Bobby reunite with Mino for the song ‘Ok man’. We dearly miss Mobb and are hoping for a comeback eventually! Other features include Zion.T, DPR LIVE, BeWHY, and meenoi! This is an album full of rap talent and a feast for us and fans. If you love K-hip-hop as much as we do this album is a must-listen!

Listen to the album here

A Tory Kelly Christmas – Tori Kelly

Now we never knew we needed an entire Christmas album from our queen Tori but she delivered! We are ready for Christmas to come and Tori delivered the perfect soundtrack for it. She reimagined some of our old favorite classics and we can’t get enough! She also gave us new sure to be favorites and flexed how great of a vocalist she is. Those big high notes; what a Queen! We are surely going to stream this album the entire season and want to say thank you, Tori Kelly!

Listen to the album here

‘A Beautiful Noise’ – Alicia Keys & Brandi Carlile

Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile teamed up to bring us ‘A Beautiful Noise’ and it sure is beautiful! Their voices match so well together and it is giving us all the goosebumps. The lyrics to the song are touching and we must admit to shedding a few tears. If noise always sounded like this, we would never stop listening to it. We are grateful for this gem of a song!

Hello chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time – CIX

CIX is back after a delay of 4 months with their 3rd EP HELLO Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time and it was worth the wait! The group gives us a new bop with lead single ‘Jungle’ the rappers and vocalists of the group are highly talented and it shows. The rest of the album doesn’t have to hide either. The b-sidetracks ‘Move My Body’, ‘Change Me’, ‘Switch It Up’, and ‘Rebel’ are so diverse and well-produced. There is sure to be a new favorite among them! We recommend you should give this EP a listen, you won’t regret it!

Listen to the album here

‘Thick (Remix)’ – DJ Chose ft Megan Thee Stallion

DJ Chose teams up with hot girl coach Megan Thee Stallion in the ‘Thick’ remix! Yet another twerk anthem ready for any party, Meg not only helps set the vibe for the track but also spits out some of her fire verses; we just can’t get enough of it! Whether you’re hanging with a small group of friends (because we’re still being careful during this pandemic!), or you’re having fun on your own, this track will have you ready for to partaay!

Listen to the single here

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Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Selina Kuhn, Juu Luquin, Arianna Falaris, Jade Sheppard, Rachel Collucci

Featured Image Source: Alfredo Flores | Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment | Courtesy of Columbia Records

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