‘OMG What’s Happening’? Ava Max’s New Music Video That’s What!

‘OMG What’s Happening’? Ava Max’s New Music Video That’s What!

Ava Max dropped the track ‘OMG What’s Happening’ back in September. Now, to ring in the end of spooky season, she released a music video for the song and we are obsessed.

Where do we even begin?

If we could describe this video in one word, it would be badass:

Honestly, where do we even begin?? The outfits? The cars? The flames!? This just screams badass right? One of our fave parts is the electric blue eyeshadow with the flame print outfit, that’s a look we wouldn’t mind recreating. All of the looks are super dope. From the all-white outfit, she wears while dancing in front of actual flames to the outfits her friends are wearing. It creates such a cool vibe for the music video. Hey, maybe you and your squad can dress up in these outfits for Halloween, eh?

And what could be more fun than driving down an open desert road in a truck like that? Just a couple of friends, some fun outfits, an open road, and maybe you can throw Ava’s debut album on too 👀 The vibes are immaculate.

Ava Max's video for OMG What's Happening has us saying OMG
Image Source: Lauren Dunn

It’s no secret that Ava Max is an amazing artist. ‘OMG What’s Happening’ is catchy as hell and her vocals on the track are amazing. This music video captures that crazy, “oh my god” vibe, with the excitement and energy that comes with those kinds of drives. Since the release, and success of, ‘Sweet But Psycho’ and ‘Kings & Queens,” Ava has only continued to gain popularity. She’s topping the charts and giving us hit after hit. We here at THP will definitely be watching to see what she does next and we can’t wait to hop along for the ride!

What’s your favorite look from this music video? What do you think of Ava’s album? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know, or drop a comment down below!


Featured Image Source: Lauren Dunn

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