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Ashnikko Unleashes ‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’ On Us & It’s Just What Our Spooky Festivities Needed!

Ashnikko Unleashes ‘Halloweenie III: Seven Days’ On Us & It’s Just What Our Spooky Festivities Needed!

The incredible Ashnikko is the master of delivering tracks that once you absorb into your ears, it’s nearly impossible for them to leave. And that’s not a bad thing; in fact, we’re living for it, and her latest bop is no exception!

The video, which is as addictive as the insanely captivating track, includes five phenomenal costume changes, including a creepy clown and a blinded nun, culminating in a bloody, frighteningly chilling ending, which is bound to give you chills! This is what we want this spooky season, right?

This track is a fun spin on the ‘Twelve Days Of Christmas,’ but the Halloween version, and is our third spooky tune from Ashnikko, who has set a tradition with releasing hauntingly Halloween themed music the past three years!

This has been given to us while the upcoming DEMIDEVIL is delayed and set for release on February 19th, 2021. Ashnikko speaking of why it has been held back says: “Like most of you, I can’t wait for the year from the slimiest pits of hell to be over. For COVID’s bitch ass to be gone!! To be blunt, I’ve made the executive decision (cuz I’m an executive, lol) to move the release of ‘DEMIDEVIL’ to my birthday, February 19th, 2021. I just don’t want to put it out this year. I want to vote the orange fascist piece of shit out of office, spend time with my family, and throw my phone into the fucking ocean.”

If that isn’t a mood, we don’t know what is, and we get it! And it will be an early 2021 gift to be finally blessed with it!


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