Mod Sun Is Back To Remind You Karma’s A Bitch!

Mod Sun Is Back To Remind You Karma’s A Bitch!

The beginning of a new Mod Sun era has begun, and to say we’re stoked would be an understatement! With the release of ‘Karma,’ we got a rock fueled anthem that fuses and becomes one with the soul instantaneously.

A song for the ones who have been burned, ‘Karma,’ with its sexy pace and emotionally charged lyrics when paired with Mod Sun’s deliciously addictive vocals, reminds us that “What goes around comes around.”

Talking about ‘Karma’ Mod Sun says, “Without a doubt, this is the best music I’ve made in my entire career. When John Feldmann and I got into the studio, it was lighting in a bottle. I’m writing my most vulnerable music and even playing live drums on my songs for the first time.”

“With ‘Karma,’ I finally feel like I’ve captured the energy I bring to my live performances into a song. This was the first song Feldmann and I made together, and it shaped the entire album. This is a song you can send to anyone who ever made fun of you in high school.” Mod Sun adds.

The latest song follows the unforgettably powerful ‘Stay Away,’ featuring MGK.

All we can say is that if ‘Karma’ is a taste of what’s to come, rest assured we are eagerly anticipating the album!

You can stream & download ‘Karma’ in all its glory here!


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