QUIZ: Which Iconic Girl Group Should Sing the Soundtrack to Your Life?

QUIZ: Which Iconic Girl Group Should Sing the Soundtrack to Your Life?

Girl groups. They’re fricking amazing. They are beautiful, strong, powerful, talented… ugh, we could really simp over them for a long time. And there’s been so many iconic groups over the years. Girl groups have been around for generations, and they have always been killing it.

Girl Group
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From Little Mix to BLACKPINK, Spice Girls to Destiny’s Child, we’ve been blessed with so many girl groups over time, and to be honest, they deserve a lot more love! Rather than being seen as a “guilty pleasure” by some people, we definitely need to see these women getting the respect and appreciation they have worked so hard for. After all, it’s not easy to strut your stuff, belt out a phenomenal tune, and look flawless while doing it all!

We’ve been thinking about our love for girl groups, and it had us thinking – which girl group would sing the soundtrack to our life? And thus, this quiz was born. If you’re curious like us, you can find out whether TWICE, Fifth Harmony, or the Pussycat Dolls‘s discography is most fitting to the story of your life. We know you’re wondering as much as we are!

Girl Group
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Girl Group
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So, which did you get? Which girl group is your all-time fave? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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24 days ago

I got Destiny’s Child absolute queens! 👑

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