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The Mandalorian Crashes Into the Holiday Season

The Mandalorian Crashes Into the Holiday Season

The Mandalorian. The Child. We’ve seen the internet latch on and hype the hell out of this series. Whether you’re an avid Star Wars fan or just feeling the tiny Yoda baby in your soul, this series has really blown up. Season One was eight whole episodes, with Season Two also looking to be eight sweet episodes. Episode one of the next season made its debut at 3 AM EST on October 30th, and we’ve got a recap and review right here for you.

Season One

Showing off all the tasty bits and giving us every chilling moment with Mando. Just what has this man gotten himself into? What exciting adventures await? If you don’t remember, this sums it up nicely, but basically, Bounty Hunter now has a mystery child he’s trying to return home that looks a lot like Master Yoda. Where ever home might be, we feel there will be a lot of detours along the way.

The finale of season one was epic and left tons of crumbs for the Star Wars fans to drool over. Will we get to learn more about House Visla and the origins of Mandalore? The one object we’re curious about is the dark saber. Built by a Mandalorian Jedi, there’s no way it could be anything else.

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There’s also rumors of Ahsoka showing up, which we really hope are true.

Season Two Episode One

We love a spin-off series that expands a universe. Seeing creatures that mostly play “villains” teaming up with main characters, the Tuscan Raiders are an element reminiscent of the original movies; but to see more of their interactions and culture was a treat. Overall a slow burn for the start of Season Two. We head to a location that possibly holds a Mandalorian, and chaos ensues. Plus count on much cuteness and cut aways of The Child.

With beautiful visuals and musical composition, this episode takes us back to Tatooine. Mando is cutthroat, as usual. The Marshal? Honestly, we love the whole cowboy western Sheriff vibes; his looks give him charisma. Our favorite has to be that last battle though, and that reveal at the end? Yikes! What does it even mean? Just what is this man after? If you know your actors, then we’re sure you caught that.

This episode wasn’t the kindest to females, and it was also an overall formulaic plot. Peli Motto shows up and given cheesy jokes that are awkwardly delivered like a forced call back because they know each other from a previous episode. Then another unnamed woman hands over a detonator to The Marshal. We hope the future holds less forced (ha) written females.

What are your thoughts on the first episode of the season? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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