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A New Single AND Fire TikTok Game? What Can’t JVCKJ Do?

A New Single AND Fire TikTok Game? What Can’t JVCKJ Do?

Were you a big Vine user back in the day? If the answer is yes, JVCKJ might be a familiar face. You might recognize him as Jack Johnson, one half of the insanely popular duo Jack & Jack. Now, he’s ventured out on his own, exploring his solo career. We happen to think it’s going great. His newest track, ‘Bad News’ just dropped and the timing could not have been better.

Inspired by 2020

JVCKJ has captured the feeling well with this track.

This song does a phenomenal job of showcasing how Jack Johnson progressed and became JVCKJ. The track is solid and the vocals are out of this world. It has a different, more mature vibe from the type of music he’s previously released. (But don’t worry, we will always have a soft spot for Jack and Jack) Seeing how he’s branched out with his sound is impressive and we can’t wait to hear more. If you want to check out another track of his, we recommend ‘You Lie’. Again, you can see his growth as an artist and we’re in awe.

JVCKJ is making big moves and we're here for it
Image Source: Emma Faulkner

The video for ‘Bad News’ is also scary relatable. Waking up to another day of, well, bad news, running through the same routines, taking what feels like L after L. It can all get extremely draining. Not to mention how tense society is right now. This track is a take that hits home for so many of us experiencing and trying to navigate life during COVID-19. Sometimes it feels like all we get is bad news 24/7.

There are, of course, beacon’s of light in the seemingly endless darkness of this year. JVCKJ’s TikTok is one of them! You can take the boy off of Vine (RIP), but you can’t take the Vine star out of the boy 😉

Here are some of our favorite of JVCKJ’s vines!

First off, we have to pay a little tribute to Jack & Jack, where it all started. Not gonna lie, while we love that the boys have their solo careers going on, we do miss the old days of Jack & Jack.


Happy two year anniversary to No One Compares To You! Miss performing for all of you beautiful humans so much 🥺❤️ @jackg

♬ original sound – JVCKJ

We of course also love seeing him show off his musical talents. His voice? Beautiful. Guitar playing skills? Amazing. Just saying, whenever he goes on tour, we’d love to see some stripped-down performances like this.

Honestly, there are so many more we can include, but we don’t want this article to run a mile long so for our final TikTok, we leave you with this one. It almost feels reminiscent of his old Vines no? Or is that just us?

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♬ original sound – JVCKJ

So are you an OG Jack Johnson fan or did you just discover JVCKJ? What do you think of ‘Bad News’? Drop a comment below or come chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: Emma Faulkner

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