James Arthur’s Tik Tok Take Over With Track From The Past ‘Train Wreck’

James Arthur’s Tik Tok Take Over With Track From The Past ‘Train Wreck’

James Arthur is back! That’s right the same multi-platinum singer-songwriter we first fell in love from his X-Factor days in 2012. But his latest news is not a new song but rather a new take one that has been special to us for years!

‘Train Wreck’ was first released in 2016 for James Arthur‘s debut album Back From The Edge and it swept us away in a whirlwind of emotion! Fast forward to today, we still love that song just the same. But social media looks a little different now when it first was released. We now have a little something called TikTok and thus the perfect combination; ‘Train Wreck’ and a TikTok vid, was created!


It’s been incredible seeing your ‘Train Wreck’ videos on here. Hope you’re all doing well, love JA x #trainwreck #trainwreckjamesarthur

♬ original sound – James Arthur

Taking the world for another spin, ‘Train Wreck’ has been trending on TikTok for weeks now! It has even inspired users to upload their videos showing their version of the viral song!

I felt like my dreams were over and the song’s for anyone who’s ever felt that way, who’s ever felt like they’ve lost sight of their dreams or they’ve lost someone or something and not to give up hope. There’s always a thread of hope and I hope that’s felt in the song and in the lyric and ultimately that’s what it’s all about.

James Arthur

But beyond the TikTok realm, ‘Train Wreck’ is still steaming hot! It has reached over 1.5 million daily streams and officially ranked in the Global Spotify Top 100 charts! James even released a black and white acoustic rendition of ‘Train Wreck’ that is so beautiful you must check out yourself!

What have you done with ‘Train Wreck’ on your Tik Tok? What did you think of the acoustic version? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop culture news!

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Featured Image Source: James Arthur via Facebook

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