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Bring Me The Horizon Give Everyone A Lesson In Metal

Bring Me The Horizon Give Everyone A Lesson In Metal

Dear Diary, Bring Me The Horizon released an EP and it’s utter perfection. This weekend, our fave British rockers dropped their hotly anticipated EP Post Human: Survival Horror and we’re living up all the nostalgia. No matter how heavy your own musical taste is, there’s something on this EP for everyone!

In recent years, British hot shot band Bring Me The Horizon have come under fire for straying away from their metal roots. But after establishing themselves in the ‘mainstream’ music world, they’ve shown all their critics that they’re still the best metal band around too. Post Human: Survival Horror is the latest installment in a series of EP’s and packs a mighty punch. Not only is it full of hit singles ‘Ludens’, ‘Parasite Eve’ and ‘Obey’, it’s also full of a whole new set of tracks set to become fan favorites. 

‘Dear Diary,’

In this star studded EP, we’ve been lucky enough to get tracks featuring the very best of Rock’s offerings in 2020. Bands from The Nova Twins and Babymetal feature through to THP HQ fave Yungblud. There’s even a cinematic ballad between Sykes and Amy Lee of Evanescence. But the whole bonanza kicks off with ‘Dear Diary,’ an ode to earlier tracks off Suicide Season. It’s an abrupt and punchy way to kick off this body of work but it sets the tone, not just of the record, but of the world we’re in today. 

‘Parasite Eve’

Then we swiftly move onto hit single ‘Parasite Eve’, a heavy hitting song released back in June about how apocalyptic the world has become. Aside from the histeria it created with hardcore fans, it made waves across the mainstream music scene too. It might’ve been out for months already but it hasn’t lost a hint of its charm.


In another single track, ‘Teardrops,’ we get to meet the older brother of their famous track ‘Drown’. Aside from having one of the catchiest hooks, we’re head over heels in love with the visuals of their music video!

‘Obey’, ‘Itch For The Cure’ & ‘Kingslayer’

Another single rolls around, this time with our king Yungblud. ‘Obey’ is full of sprightly punk energy and it’s a concept we are more than here for! But then the two track collaboration with Japanese group Babymetal arrives and it has no business being as utterly amazing as it is. ‘Kingslayer’ is fast paced, heavy and it will get your heart pounding. We’re just counting down the days till we get to hear it in all of its glory live.

‘1×1’ & ‘Ludens’

If you haven’t heard of Nova Twins yet, then you need to wake up. Preferably to the tunes of ‘1×1’. On an EP full of near perfect songs, this is just another demonstration of British rock’s unparalleled talent in 2020. Another example of this is ‘Ludens’, a track that was initially released back in November 2019, but since March it’s taken on a whole new meaning.

Bring Me The Horizon
Nova Twins via NME
‘One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death…’

Then comes Amy Lee’s beautiful voice to close off the EP and she does so in perfect fashion. It’s a haunting reminder of how close we are to losing our future, if we don’t do anything to turn things around. The lyrics are melancholic while the use of minor chords to give the track depth. All before it builds to a crescendo prove that BMTH are talented through and through. For that reason alone you can catch us listening to Post Human: Survival Horror on repeat for the rest of the year.

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Featured Image Source: Bring Me The Horizon via Twitter

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