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Lady Gaga Is Telling You To #SecureTheVote In 8 Iconic Outfits

Lady Gaga Is Telling You To #SecureTheVote In 8 Iconic Outfits

Lady Gaga has been vocal about her commitment to the upcoming monumental election. And now she has found a new way to make you and us listen! What other way than to tell us how important it is to vote while wearing her most iconic outfits! She blessed us with eight of them during this call to action and we love it. Her creativity never fails to amaze us and this time she is using it for a very important cause.

We applaud Gaga for her efforts and hope you have registered to vote, voted early or you plan on voting this Tuesday! If you don’t know where you can vote don’t worry you can find your nearest polling station right here.

We love this idea Gaga came up with and if you don’t remember where each of these ionic outfits is from! Don’t worry! We got you and invite you to come along on this trip down memory lane!

1. ‘Bad Romance’ Monster Ball Tour Dress

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Gifer

We all recognize this iconic look designed by Giorgio Armani! Lady Gaga used this dress during her Monster Ball Arena Tour 2010 -2011! She usually wore this dress during ‘Bad Romance’ performances!

2. ‘Poker Face’ Gaga

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Gifer

Of course, she is wearing this outfit! ‘Poker Face’ was a bop and a half during the late 00s’ and this blue bodysuit is burned into our memory! She is still pulling off this look while not looking a day older!

3. The Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Outfit!

Image Source: Lady Gage via Giphy

Now, this was a day to remember! We all remember Lady Gaga leaping off into the abyss during the half-time show of the Super Bowl in 2016. This look was rather iconic and she put on quite the show! No one does it like Gaga!

4. Chromatica Merch

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Instagram

This look stems from Gaga’s latest album! Due to the pandemic, Gaga hasn’t been able to promote her album actively and give us her cool stage outfits. So she used some of her merch, put on a weird mask, shoes and made it still iconic!

5. Flannel Shirt

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Instagram

This flannel shirt and biker shorts look is something Lady Gaga wore back in 2013 just after her huge surgery! She is taking us back to one of the hardest times she had to go through and which has become a symbol for how far she has come!

6. Cow Girl Joanne

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Gifer

With this sixth look, Lady Gaga is taking us back to her iconic Joanne album! It was completely different from anything Gaga had ever done and we love this aesthetic!

7. Cheek To Cheek Gaga

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Instagram

Nothing was more iconic than Gaga teaming up with Tony Bennett. This look reminds us of the outfits the star has worn during this era and it’s complete musical change. Going from Pop to Jazz needs to be remembered!

8. The Meat Dress

Image Source: Lady Gaga via Gifer

No one will ever forget this dress! The meat dress is Gaga’s most iconic look by far! And of course she had to include it in this video! We still wonder how she pulled this off all these years later!

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We, at The Honey Pop, are loving everything about what Lady Gaga has been doing regarding the election! Using her iconic looks like this is absolutely amazing. What were your favorite looks Lady Gaga has pulled off? Have you voted? We want to hear from you! Comment your thoughts down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or find us over on Facebook and Instagram

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Featured image source courtesy of Lady Gaga on Instagram.

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