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LOONA enters the Billboard 200 charts with [12:00]

LOONA enters the Billboard 200 charts with [12:00]

For the first time, LOONA enters the Billboard 200 charts with their latest release, [12:00].

We knew this one would be a big one for LOONA for sure. From the beginning, everything felt very different and like the beginning of a new era. However, this news still shocked us in the best way possible.

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No. 112

Yes. LOONA reached No. 112 on the Billboard 200 Album chart, and we’re not even close to getting bored of saying it.

As we said before, from the beginning, this comeback felt different. Upon release, [12:00] reached No. 1 on the iTunes Album charts in five different places. It also reached No. 1 onn Apple Music’s All Genres charts in 36 markets, No. 1 on K-Pop charts in 50 markets, and No. 1 on Pop charts in 40 markets. And adding to that, LOONA trended worldwide with both No. 1 and No. 2 hashtags on Twitter. Yeah, so in other words, LOONA was going No. 1 everywhere. 

So, it’s no secret LOONA has become an absolute global phenomenon at this point. As they reach No. 112 on the Billboard 200 Album chart, they’re just confirming how big they’ve become, and it’s only the beginning. This is an insane achievement as LOONA is now the 7th Female K-Pop act to debut on Billboard 200. With this new achievement in their pockets, they’re joining big names in the industry such as BoA, Girl’s Generation-TTS, 2NE1, Girl’s Generation, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

And just like everything that happens to these girls, it seems like it was fate:


All we can say is that this EP deserves this achievement so much.

In just eight tracks, including an intro and the English version of another song, LOONA managed to reach perfection. You have dance tracks, tracks to cry to, tracks to feel good about yourself… you literally have it all, not only making it the perfect EP but also showing LOONA’s insane versatility. Check out our full review here.

Not only does [12:00] has currently over 32-million streams to date but also, the music video for the title track, ‘Why Not’, has currently over 16-million views. All of this only two weeks after release!

All this proves is that LOONA are really on their way to conquer the world with their music and their message, and we couldn’t be more proud of how far they’ve come. And we know it’s only the beginning.

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