Maggie Lindemann made our Halloween with the ‘Scissorhands’ Lyric Video

Maggie Lindemann made our Halloween with the ‘Scissorhands’ Lyric Video

For this Halloween, Maggie Lindemann surprised us with a lyric video for her newest single ‘Scissorhands’!

Source: swixxzaudio

The lyric video for ‘Scissorhands’

The song has been out since the beginning of October but Maggie just revealed the lyric video. In fact, ‘Scissorhands’ is the third single for her upcoming EP. Paranoia will be out early next year, on January 22nd, through Caroline Records and her own label, swixxzaudio. This song serves as the follow-up to her lead single, ‘Knife Under My Pillow‘, and the second single, ‘GASLIGHT‘.

Scissorhands‘ is a dark Pop song very Rock-driven. It gives us way to a whole different side of Maggie – not only as a lyricist but as a vocalist as well. This time, Maggie places herself in the skin of someone seen as a monster. Indeed, the lyrics tell the story of someone that’s judged to the point they believe themselves they’re a monster. The lyric video for ‘Scissorhands’ is pretty simple but matches the vibe of the song perfectly. Similarly, it gives off the perfect Halloween vibe. In fact, it’s based on a red background and a font that looks like cuts, referencing cuts that could be caused by scissors.

As the title indicates, the lyrics are heavily inspired by Tim Burton’s 1990 movie, Edward Scissorhands.

And talking about movies… The ‘Scissorhands’ lyric video wasn’t all Maggie released in celebration for Halloween. She also released a new episode of her podcast, swixxzaudio. For this Halloween special, she shared her favorite scary movies and made the perfect list. Even though Halloween has passed, it’s never too late or too early for a good horror movie.

How much did you like the lyric video for ‘Scissorhands’? How much more excited did it make you for her upcoming EP? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: Maggie’s label, swixxzaudio

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