How Fatal Can Love Be? Monsta X’s Newest Album Shows Us

How Fatal Can Love Be? Monsta X’s Newest Album Shows Us

Once again, Monsta X has proved to us that they are the best. The sextet band made their latest comeback in the form of Fatal Love and it is fatal. Fatal Love is Monsta X’s third full-length Korean album after The Clan pt.2.5 [Beautiful] and Take.1 Are You There?/Take.2 We Are Here (which is considered one album). The new album has a suspenseful yet mesmerizing vibe that will enchant listeners worldwide. Now, Monsta X is no stranger to a perfect blend of EDM, ballads, and hip-hop focused beats with their tracks but they managed to surpass their discography with this new release. The new take on their musical style shows that the guys are continuously evolving with their sound and they don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Monsta X latest comeback with the album Fatal Love thrills fans
Monsta X via Twitter

The album starts with ‘Love Killa’, which is also the title track for the album. The signature Monsta X sound is evident within the song but the special twist on it has us falling in love with it. In the music video, each member interprets killer characters from iconic movies such as Hannibal and Fight Club while showing off their eye-catching visuals. It’s a song filled with the desire and temptation that one feels in a relationship. We’re in love with the track and how you manage to feel the emotions through the stunning vocals and raps from Monsta X.

The ten-track album pulls influences from music styles such as R&B, Latin-infused Pop, EDM, Pop, and of course, Hip-Hop to deliver its powerful impact. It includes tracks written by Joohoney and I.M in addition to a lyrical collaboration with Korean Soloist Eric Nam. In Monsta X’s Comeback VLIVE, Joohoney talked about how he’s friends with Nam and they always wanted to collaborate on a track together which led to the creation of ‘BEASTMODE’. “The track was made with the thought that it’s time for us to give away the positive energy and to make them feel proud” Joohoney states.

Alongside these tracks, Hyungwon, the lead dancer of the group, made his debut as a lyricist, composer, and producer with the track, ‘NOBODY ELSE’. In the VLIVE, Hyungwon says the theme of the track is perfume. He describes it as perfume starts strong and fades away over time just like most things in life and that’s where he drew the inspiration from. They also performed the track which you can view through their VLIVE channel here.

Monsta X has a musical artistry that cannot rival others. Their constant need to grow and evolve with their music shows their dedication to their craft. We’re always looking forward to what the unpredictable sextet will come up with next. To us, Fatal Love is the album for the record books and we won’t stop talking about it for the next couple of years. We’re not sure what’ll happen next from Monsta X but just know, we’re always looking forward to it.

If you haven’t heard the new album, you’re in luck. Just click here!

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F. George Dunham, III
F. George Dunham, III
10 months ago

Do you think this music would be good to send to a man another man wants to be in a gay relationship with? Asking for a friend…


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