Carats Fully Support Hoshi’s Horanghae Agenda

Carats Fully Support Hoshi’s Horanghae Agenda

We think Carats are so cool for doing this for Hoshi.

A Tiger For A Tiger

If you don’t know, Hoshi from K-Pop group SEVENTEEN loves tigers. He calls himself a tiger, does a tiger pose, signs off with a tiger emoji and he tells Carats “I horanghae you,” which is a play on the words for tiger and I love you, put together. He also posted the video below, which started a horanghae trend on TikTok amongst K-Pop fans.

Recently, TikTok creator herzy_doodle posted a video, wanting to adopt a tiger for Hoshi. They got to work and had a livestream on their YouTube Channel. With the help from fellow Carats, they raised $435.10 for a tiger at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. The newest addition to the SEVENTEEN family is a white tiger, named Timara.

Timara does stay at the sanctuary, but for one year Hoshi will be the official adoptee. Herzy will also be scanning all pictures of Timara and info on the adoption and sending it to PLEDIS and BigHit. So, hopefully Hoshi gets to see it soon. Follow herzy_doodle on TikTok, so you’re up to date. We can’t believe Hoshi is one step closer to becoming a tiger.

Image Source: The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary

A Beautiful Gift For SEVENTEEN

This isn’t the first time Carats have adopted animals in name of a SEVENTEEN member and we’re sure it won’t be the last. This Twitter user has put together all info on animals adopted for SVT. You can check out the full thread on Twitter.

This is all thanks to herzy and other Carats, who continue to not only adopt these animals for SVT. By doing so, they help donate towards things that the animals and the sanctuary may need. You can check out The Wild Animal Sanctuary info and how to help, here.

Have you joined the horanghae army? Have you also checked out all the animals adopted for SEVENTEEN? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Ananweb Magazine

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