Maxime Solemn Releases an Anime-Inspired Death Metal Track

Maxime Solemn Releases an Anime-Inspired Death Metal Track

Maxime Solemn is a Belgium solo artist and producer. He’s just released his new single ‘Melody of Death’ which has us lost for words. Solemn recorded this track using only midi instruments that he created himself. Holy hell. Now that’s hardcore!

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The music video for this song displays the perfect mix of death metal and anime. We never thought this combo could work so well together!

I’m a big weeb, so I wanted to throw in some Japanese elements. The anime Psycho-Pass is one of my favorites so it definitely inspired the whole dystopian vibe. The sibyl system in said anime is basically what gave me the idea to add the Japanese female robotic voice.

Maxime Solemn

Solemn has been creating his brand of over-the-top metalcore for about a year now, but he’s been working as a producer for quite some time. His company, Solemn Tones, is heavily known in the rock and metal production industry.

I like my music to be larger than life. I pump it full of explosions, risers, and such production elements. I essentially want everything to sound like an industrial complex that’s on fire while guitars are blasting simultaneously.

Maxime Solemn

Metalheads can stream ‘Melody of Death’ on Spotify here.

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Featured Image Source: Maxime Solemn’s Twitter

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