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Meet Lee Minhyuk: The Idol With Many Sides

Meet Lee Minhyuk: The Idol With Many Sides

Lee Minhyuk, of K-Pop group Monsta X, is pure sunshine. Ask any Monbebe, and they will tell you about how Minhyuk’s charismatic and witty personality is such a drawing factor to the idol. This only translates back to his insane talent, with his unique vocal-tone and incredible dance ability, which makes him a stand out among the other idols in the industry. He is passionate, dedicated, and insanely loyal when it comes to his fans and fellow members. However, Minhyuk is much more than the performer we see on stage. This past year, we have seen him explore more avenues for his talents and watch him grow into an amazing all-rounder. Today, we’ve decided to highlight some of these for you! And, if you aren’t already a Minhyuk stan (and Monsta X stan in general), you are seriously missing out. 

The Vocal & Dance King

We’ve mentioned it already, but there is truly something special when it comes to Minhyuk’s voice and dance. His tone makes his voice instantly recognizable and adds something unique when heard in Monsta X’s songs. His vocals become sweet in ballads, such as in songs like ‘If Only’ and ‘By My Side.’ They also stand out in upbeat songs, such as in his song with member Joohoney, ‘Ongsimi,’ where his voice goes along perfectly with its trap beats; the MV for this song also perfectly captures Minhyuk’s infectious personality and shows how he brings this brightness into his craft. We can’t get enough of performances, such as ‘Flow,’ where not only does his voice shine, but also his performance. Minhyuk also had everyone asking who the idol with the blond hair and red suit was during last year’s MAMA, where he captivated with his solo dance. We can’t help but be drawn to Minhyuk whenever we watch a Monsta X performance, and we fall for him more every time.

The Artist

One thing that casual listeners of Monsta X may not know is that behind the scenes (and in front of the camera), Minhyuk explores his creative side through art. He has shared multiple times on the group’s fancafe, Twitter, and Instagram (which, if you don’t follow, it is a must). Not only does his artwork stay on the canvas, but it also has made it’s way to his fashion. His art and style are unique to himself, and we love that he is able to express himself in this way. We also are grateful that Minhyuk shares this side of himself with us, particularly during his Naver NOW series, ‘Vogue Ship Show’. It’s where Minhyuk has also shared his reason for drawing, which is that when he does it, time goes slower for him, and he can use his time longer, usually when he is not busy. We love this side of Minhyuk and get excited each time he shows us a new piece or talks about his art.

The MC

Minhyuk has always been known for his witty and eccentric personality. It often makes him a hit on variety shows, and even during the boys’ series Monsta X-RAY (shout out to Dior!). So, when Minhyuk not only got to host his own radio show but also was named one of the MCs for Inkigayo, we were beyond proud. Being an MC has always been a role that Minhyuk wanted to fulfill, and we knew that he would excel at the job with his charisma. Minhyuk brings laughter when he is hosting and has a way of interacting with other idols and celebrities that we don’t see too often from others. It is special to watch, and we hope that this is just the beginning for MC Minhyuk and that more of these opportunities are to come for him; he truly shines at it.

In every role he plays, Minhyuk shines like the star he is. He has a way of bringing comfort and joy to those around him and his fans through his work, and we feel that he is an idol everyone should be talking about more. We know that big things are coming Minhyuk’s way as he adds more to his repertoire. 

What are your favorite things about Minhyuk? Do you have a favorite memory of him? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us, @TheHoneyPOP

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Featured Image Source: Minhyuk via Instagram

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  • Minhyuk is honestly such a ray of sunshine! I think my favourite moment is when he handed out the flowers Monsta X were given at an awards show to Monbebes who were waiting for them ^^

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