In ‘The Valley of the Pagans’ FaceTime is The Way

In ‘The Valley of the Pagans’ FaceTime is The Way

Song Machine episode 8 is ‘The Valley of the Pagans;’ Did you think we were done? Well, you’re happily mistaken! We got more wonderful music video content, and we are stoked for it. Beck is the feature, and we are loving it.

This song had quite a magnificent lead-up. First an interview, then on to the premiere. The video itself is creative! If you’ve ever played around in GTA5, you’ll know about the cinematic mode and all the familiar spots to go. We’ve actually seen another creative soul use that GTA5 cinematic mode for some wild stuff. In pandemic times, drastic and innovative ideas reign. And what’s that we see at the end? Plastic Beach, maybe?

Episode 2 of Song Machine Radio

Episode 2 is hosted by Russel Hobbs and set to broadcast on Apple Music 1 at 8pm GMT Friday 6th November. If you missed the first one, you can catch it here! Listen to 2-D set the tone for what will be the rest of the 4-part series. Interviews, special guests, and more await us!

Song Machine Live
via @gorillaz Twitter

If you didn’t already hear, Gorillaz has added more dates to the line up along with the December 12th and 13th live broadcast. In 2021 they’re hitting Europe in June, July, and August. Perfectly spread out, socially distanced, and tons of Gorillaz to go around. December will be THE first live performance since 2018. Tickets might be a good idea.

via GIFY

What are you most looking forward to? Going to see the livestream? Let us know your thoughts by either commenting down below or reaching out to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! You can also chat with us on Facebook and Instagram!

Want more Gorillaz? Maybe a sweet surprise? We got you covered.


Featured Image: Courtesy of ‘The Valley of the Pagans’ Gorillaz YouTube

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