It’s The Offspring Christmas And We’re Digging It!

It’s The Offspring Christmas And We’re Digging It!

The Offspring know it’s Christmas time, and that means time for some love and joy. What better way to celebrate than to remake your favorite song? Originally by Darlene Love, but The Offspring decided to put their spin on it. What can we say? We’re impressed. Their very first-holiday track ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ is a bit on the nose, but we really can’t complain when the content is this fire.

“It just seemed like the world could use a nice holiday song right now. We’ve always been huge fans of Darlene Love, so when the idea came up to do a Christmas song, we jumped at the chance to record that one…and tried not to wreck it!”

Dexter Holland

Break out the eggnog and put that record on. There are limited supplies of a lovely holiday red 7″ vinyl with a custom etching on the B-side of The Offspring’s logo. Seriously, this song paints a picture, from the style to the words to the feel of it. It all screams cheesy Christmas nights with a little too much wine and a lot of cozy, happy Christmas present opening times. Now the lyrics are pretty adorable. It just isn’t Christmas without our baby! And we stand by that statement.

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