Little Mix Prove They Are a Pop Power House With Confetti

Little Mix Prove They Are a Pop Power House With Confetti

It’s here! It’s finally here! After a long wait all year long, we have finally been blessed with Little Mix’s sixth studio album Confetti and in the words of Jesy Nelson we’re “feeling like it’s my birthday, like Christmas Day came early.” After lifting spirits during difficult times with the lead single ‘Break Up Song,’ and delivering one of the hottest songs of the summer ‘Holiday,’ we’ve finally arrived at the release of their album and honestly, we are living for it!

Little Mix Confetti
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This is Little Mix’s first album with their new label and it’s as though they have that post-breakup glow in their music where they’re feeling free and a lot happier now which shines through in their music. It’s apparent that no pandemic would stand in their way to deliver pure pop perfection with Confetti. While the album is very pop-heavy, it has a great dynamic of different sub-genres of pop. Songs such as singles ‘Break Up Song,’ and ‘Holiday’ have hopped on that 80s revival we’ve been seeing trending this year, while tracks like ‘Happiness‘ and ‘If You Want My Love’ fit more into the R’n’B meets pop feeling which feels as though it pays homage to girl groups from the late 90s to early 2000s.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Little Mix album without songs that offer messages to Mixers and any listener and that’s where ‘Happiness’ and ‘Gloves Up’ come in on Confetti. ‘Happiness’ sings about how the girls have found their happiness after cutting someone – perhaps a lover, friend, or any toxic person – from their lives, which feels like reassurance for anyone else who has had to go through that. Meanwhile ‘Gloves Up’ is full of motivational vibes that can empower any boss bitch and gets you feeling hyped and boosts your morale to tackle anything in your way – from following your dreams to even just doing your homework, you will feel like you can achieve anything with this banger. It was written co-written with Meagan Cottone who co-write ‘Salute,’ which is no surprise given the fact it has very similar anthemic feelings to it.

The entire album is full of different pop vibes but which all fit together to create pure pop perfection. Often artists – especially girl groups or any female artist – is criticized for not being more experimental or leaving their comfort zones but if it ain’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. Little Mix is on top of their game and though we’ll support any direction they take, we’re still here for them choosing to make a pop album that’s still able to keep it fresh and not follow the same stale formula which is a concern some people have if an artist doesn’t try something new on each record.

There’s a good mix of different sounds like anthems, party bangers, and a good ballad or two to offer a different taste all while following their instincts. Confetti is the kind of pop we think can appeal to a wide audience and also sets them up for incredible live performances. With The Search currently airing as well as the girls hosting and performing at the MTV EMAs, not to mention their 2021 tour, we’re so stoked to see how the album translates live.

We love this album and can’t wait to play it in our heavy rotation for the foreseeable future!

Image Source: Tenor

Confetti is out now

Are you loving Confetti? Which songs are you obsessed with? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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