Bea Miller has us wondering if we should say ‘hallelujah’

Bea Miller has us wondering if we should say ‘hallelujah’

Bea Miller just released the music video for ‘hallelujah’, one of our favorite songs from her latest EP, elated!.

When Bea Miller released elated! a couple of weeks ago, she made sure everyone knew she didn’t come to play at all. With the fresh and raw new songs that can be qualified as her best work yet, Bea keeps giving them the spotlight they deserve. She released the music video for ‘making bad decisions‘ last week, and now it’s time for ‘hallelujah’.

Source: Hollywood Records


Bea Miller made such a statement with ‘hallelujah’.

The music video for ‘hallelujah’ was directed by Gina Gizella Manning. It offers a very raw and intimate view of the singer-songwriter that fits the dark-pop track to perfection. The video is pretty simple but very raw and almost uncomfortable to watch – but that’s the point. As Bea sings about her opinions about the Trump administration and her personal life, we see her taking off her make up in reverse. We begin the video with the true Bea and end up with the sight of Bea covered in makeup and putting on a fake smile as she seems to bottle up her feelings.

This is one of her most impactful songs for sure. In the lyrics delivered with the beautiful raspiness in her voice, she battles her anger about reality right now while she wants to make the world a better place. Eventually, as the song ends on “nothing can save us now“, she concludes that intentions don’t matter because disaster feels unstoppable.

Overall, even though this song is pessimistic for sure, it still feels like a necessary song that raises several important questions.

What’s next…

After the release of the music video for ‘hallelujah’, Bea Miller doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet.

On December 12th, Bea will have a special Livestream performance, following her return to the stage earlier this month for Save Our Stages. Indeed, #SOSFest is a three-day virtual festival that helps save independent venues across the US. Bea has always been an amazing performer. It was even better to see her perform for the first time songs like ‘wisdom teeth‘, ‘feel something’ and ‘FEELS LIKE HOME’.

Seeing her energy on this stage just makes us even more excited for when she’ll perform her incredible new songs from elated! like ‘hallelujah’.

What did you think of Bea Miller’s music video for ‘hallelujah’? Was it what you expected? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: Hollywood Records – ‘hallelujah’ music video

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