Get Ready For A Fun Workout With State Champs!

Get Ready For A Fun Workout With State Champs!

What’s a more encouraging way to start working out then by doing it alongside your favorite band? State Champs has all the answers, as they’re giving you a chance to get in a workout with them!

A Fun Workout With A Fun Band

Image Source: Cardio Sport, Pure Noise Records, VEEPS

Has this year made you lose all your motivation? Well, let your favs, State Champs help you reach the motivation you want! State Champs with Cardio Sport will be taking you through a fun workout; the event will be taking place through VEEPS: an artist streaming platform. The session is an hour in total, but 40 minutes will be a workout, with both of them co-leading. The rest of the time will be put towards a post virtual hangout!

During the hangout, the band will be announcing the 3 virtual meet & greet winners and will also be chatting with fans. Oh yeah, did we mention if you happen to be one of the first 250 registers, you have a chance at the meet and greet? Tickets are only $11, and a dollar per every ticket will be going towards Young Center For Immigrant Children’s Rights. You can get your ticket here and check out the charity here. The workout will take place, November 20th, 8:00 PM EST, so make sure to set your alarms and mark it off on your calendars!

Will you be registering to join State Champs? Or have you already? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Cardio Sport

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