James Bourne Gives You A ‘Safe Journey Home’ With New Single

James Bourne Gives You A ‘Safe Journey Home’ With New Single

James Bourne releases new single ‘Safe Journey Home’ off of his debut album, perfect for any car drive, if you ask us. We here at The Honey Pop are completely buzzing over this new self-titled track! You can check out the song below!

The song starts off with an acoustic guitar and a showcase of James’ vocals, and it leads into a more upbeat song as it goes on. This song will for sure make you reminisce on the good times in your life, putting you in your feels for sure. The song ends with what sounds like a flight announcement at an airport, which we personally think is so cool and original!

The release of the single ‘Safe Journey Home’ was highly anticipated by fans when the album release got pushed back about a month. James Bourne wanted to fully ensure that everything was ready for release, therefore making the difficult decision to push back the album.

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Here are the details. The time will fly by. More to come.

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We are all super excited for Safe Journey Home to finally be released on November 27th! But while we wait, you can purchase and pre-save the album here!

We here at The Honey Pop are loving James Bourne and his new single ‘Safe Journey Home’! Our excitement for his debut album is also very real, but we want to hear from you! How are you liking the new song? Have you pre-saved the album? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know! Or you can find us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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