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10 of Our Favorite K-R&B Songs To Add To Your Playlist

10 of Our Favorite K-R&B Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Is there ever a time where you just want to put on some music and relax? Like, take some time out from life and just decompress. At The Honey Pop, we love to listen to some K-R&B songs to separate ourselves from the chaos in our life. We want to share ten K-R&B songs that we consider to be our ultimate favorites with you all and hope that you can find comfort in them as well.

Color Blind – Maddox


‘Color Blind’ by Maddox is filled with smooth synths and a steady beat that relaxes one’s mind. Maddox’s unique voice adds to the dynamic of the song that is filled with raw emotions. ‘Color Blind’ is one of those songs that one has to listen to, to fully understand it. Right now, ‘Color Blind’ is our ultimate favorite K-R&B song in addition to the others.

A Song For You – Gaho


A part of his most recent comeback, Gaho released ‘A Song For You’. His soothing vocals with his unique singing style helps you feel the emotions that he sings with. It’s a musical style that his fans are always delighted to hear and excited to see what will come next from it.

Lost – Jooyoung


An infamous artist known to those who love musicians from Starship Entertainment, we just had to include Jooyoung. Jooyoung’s voice is filled with soul and passion that makes him such a loveable artist. Can we ever give justice to how beautiful his voice is? Most likely not.

Without You (Remix) – Annalise Azadian ft. Jooyoung


Of course, we have to feature Jooyoung twice. We included this song because it shows the dynamic of how beautiful one can sound when you mix cultures. With the remix of her song, ‘Without You’, Azadian featured Jooyoung to sing on the track with her. The smooth, slow R&B track describes the struggle of loneliness with the music video visuals showing the distance between America and Korea itself.

Sometimes I Hear Howlin’ In My Head – Dean


A man with so many dynamics, Dean is always welcomed in our hearts. There’s just something about Dean’s voice that makes you fall in love with it. The soft guitar strings being strung in the background being paired with his beautiful voice makes you feel like the main character of a dramatic music video. The way his voice never falters…Ugh, we’re in love.

Hate Everything – Golden 


Previously known as G.Soul, Golden came out with this beautiful song earlier this year. ‘Hate Everything’ is a simple ballad that captures the emotions of heartbreak and seeing the person you loved move onto a new relationship. The beautiful rasp within Golden’s voice captures the pain and regret of watching someone move on without you. It’s a song that we didn’t know that we needed.

Pool – WOODZ ft. Sumin


A little more upbeat compared to the other songs on the list, ‘Pool’ is a perfect blend of pop and R&B beats. The way WOODZ and Sumin blend into each other sounds so effortless that it’s unbelievable. It’s truthfully a breathtaking song.

Killing Me Slowly – Eden


There’s something about this song from Eden that makes you want to slow dance or curl up to watch a beautiful love drama. It’s a song that’ll put you in an enchanting trance that you never want to exit out of. Eden proves that he has a soulful voice that knows how to tug at your heartstrings.

By My Side – JUNNY


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A voice we want to sing us to sleep, JUNNY’s voice is filled with sweetness. We’re in love with his musical style and how it blends. There’s just something about his music that makes our hearts flutter. ‘By My Side’ is a song that you can’t stop smiling at because it makes you feel important. How is it that someone can capture what it’s like to be in love with just their vocals?

HOLO – Lee Hi


Lee Hi’s voice is always a blessing. Her soulful R&B voice mixed with the soft piano beats before being projected into a mixture of pop and R&B is just….breathtaking. We’re completely enchanted by how beautiful ‘HOLO’ is. Lee Hi has always had a beautiful dynamic to her voice and ‘HOLO’ solidifies that dynamic.

At The Honey Pop, we love to listen to music from around the world. As lovers of K-Pop, of course we would be lovers of K-R&B. We wanted to share the K-R&B songs that we consider to be our favorite with you all so you know what to listen to. What do you guys think so far? These are just a few of the songs that have been stuck in our head for awhile. The catchy, soft and upbeat tunes is what makes them our favorite song.

Do you have any favorite songs that we haven’t included on this list that is K-R&B? We’re always looking for more music to enjoy and consume as music lovers. Let us know! As of right now, we’ll be watching the fall rain and winter snow while listening to these songs.

What K-R&B song do you want to be featured? Let us know! Comment below, talk to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or join the Hive to meet other K-R&B fans like yourself!

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Featured Image Source: Dean via Twitter

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