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AI Band K/DA Makes an Impact on The K-Pop Industry

AI Band K/DA Makes an Impact on The K-Pop Industry

As technology progresses, the desire for industries to evolve follows. It’s no surprise that K-Pop was quick to hop on the progression. K/DA is here to show that the future of K-Pop is here and it starts with them, the first AI band to exist within K-Pop. K/DA started as an experiment from Riot Games. The point of K/DA was mainly to advertise the new skins for the characters apart of the popular gaming franchise League of Legends in addition to giving a futuristic vibe to the growing popularity of K-Pop. Riot Games hit it on the mark with this as K/DA instantly became a success within the industry. 

AI Band K/DA taking a virtual selfie with each other before their album-debut.
Image Source @kda via Twitter

K/DA has a stable line up of Miyeon and Soyeon from (G)I-DLE as Ahri and Akali. Kai’Sa and Evelynn are interchanged with different American and Korean pop stars including Madison Beer and TWICE. Each idol is stylized as these characters to perform the songs and even are on stage with the girls when they’re live. K/DA had their first single in 2018 with ‘Pop/Stars’ that currently has 391 million views to date.

It wasn’t until this year that K/DA was confirmed as an official band. Their pre-album debut success was so impressive that they were able to have their lightstick before dropping an official mini-album. On October 28th, K/DA dropped their pre-release single, ‘More’ which is an upbeat song meant to pump the audience up. The single ‘More’ features the original line-up from ‘Pop/Stars’ which is Miyeon, Soyeon, Madison Beer and Jaira Burns with Lexie Lu included as the voice of Seraphine. ‘More’ is just as fierce as ‘Pop/Stars’, giving the listeners a huge confidence boost.

Following the pre-release single, K/DA dropped their first EP, All Out on November 6th. In addition to the original line-up, the features in the album include Wolftyla, Bea Miller, TWICE, and Bekuh Boom. It’s a multicultural line-up meant to thrill listeners around the world and hit different audiences. The album is filled with power anthems that can boost one’s confidence and make you feel like you’re the main character of a sitcom. It’s everything we needed that we didn’t know we needed! The unique concept has wowed and thrilled audiences and successfully hit the markets it was intended to.

The beautiful visuals throughout the music video make you stare in awe. We have a rough understanding of how hard making flowing animations is, so we can’t help but appreciate the amazing music video visuals. Of course, we can’t wait to see how this plays out when concerts start again. We’re enjoying the concept of K/DA and the immense success that they’re having. 

In addition to the music, Riot Games has been creating personal content surrounding the characters. The girls have their own playlist, vlogs and more. It seems that K/DA has been a great investment for Riot Games and it’s successful! The interactive and personal content helps add to the dynamic. We’re loving what Riot Games is doing and hoping they’ll keep up with it! We’re in love with this AI band and the influence that it’s having on the industry.

You can stream All Out here

What intrigues you the most about K/DA? What do you like the most about their concept? Let us know! You can comment below or talk to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop.

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