Get nostalgic with Lukas Graham’s collaboration with Wiz Khalifa in ‘Where I’m From’

Get nostalgic with Lukas Graham’s collaboration with Wiz Khalifa in ‘Where I’m From’

Lukas Graham just released a new collaboration with Wiz Khalifa in ‘Where I’m From’, and it’s giving us all the feels.

Where I’m From‘ is an original song for Lukas Graham’s upcoming documentary, 7 years. It’s the follow up to his collaboration with G-Eazy on his lead single ‘Share That Love’. While the lead single was a happier track, ‘Where I’m From’ is definitely more emotional and very nostalgic, without it being sad.

The song was written for the documentary that was premiered in Denmark but unfortunately, the rest of the world will have to wait until 2021 to watch it. The documentary was directed by Renè Sascha Johannsen and it follows the life of Lukas for 7 years, as he enters the world of fame and success into an adult. This directly connects to ‘Where I’m From’ as the documentary is said to be a film about finding where you belong when life is pulling you in so many different directions.

The track has such a nostalgic feel to it, with the emotion in the rap as well as Lukas Graham’s incredible and unique vocals. Meanwhile, Wiz Khalifa’s rapping style and his skills give off some kind of pain. It’s a collaboration you wouldn’t think works, but it definitely does. ‘Where I’m From’ is all about remembering your roots without losing sight of where you wanna go.

In other words, ‘Where I’m From’ is that type of song that will remind you in the best way possible of your childhood memories and the town where you grow up. Sometimes we all need that kind of song.

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