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K-POP HotSpot: Your Guide To The Comebacks of November 2020

K-POP HotSpot: Your Guide To The Comebacks of November 2020

Welcome back to KPOP HotSpot! Whew! We somehow survived October and all of the insane comebacks and debuts that had happened. Many groups made history last month, but as all us K-Pop stans know, there is never truly any rest in the K-Pop world. November 2020 has some of the biggest groups releasing new music, and we cannot wait for these releases. Sit tight, we’re breaking down who is coming back, when it is happening, and also some of the new faces you’re about to meet this November. K-Pop is, again, about to get interesting. 



Starship Entertainment

It can never be said that Monsta X let their Monbebes go hungry! After a month packed with mixtapes and OSTs, the group is finally making their highly anticipated comeback on November 2nd. Fatal Love will be their 3rd full-length Korean album and will feature ‘Love Killa’ as the title track. We’ve already had a glimpse of the four different album concepts, and each one is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. But what we’re really hyped for is an entire album of masterpieces! With Joohoney and I.M contributing lyrics to 7/10 tracks, it’s bound to be pure fire. I.M also helped compose ‘Night View,’ with Joohoney co-creating ‘Stand Together’ and ‘Beastmode’ alongside none other than Eric Nam! If that wasn’t enough, Hyungwon also has a self-made song on the album! We’re hoping ‘Nobody Else’ will be the perfect club anthem from our own DJ H.One. We could not be more ready to see these boys shine once again.

Dates To Remember: 11/2 – Comeback


AB6IX via Twitter

The wait is now almost finally over! After ‘The Answer,’ AB6IX is having their second comeback of the year with their 3rd mini-album, Salute, and a single of the same name. To show their versatility, this time, they’re back with a darker military concept, and the teaser for the music video already hints that it’s gonna be one of their best comebacks yet! All concept images, teasers, spoilers, and details are already out, so there’s nothing left to do but wait patiently for November 2nd.

Dates To Remember: 11/2 – Comeback


Mamamoo via Twitter

Mamamoo is finally coming back after a year! This year has been pretty busy for the girl group regarding solo activities, but now they are finally coming as a whole! Travel is the name of their upcoming 10th mini-album, and the lead single is going to be ‘Aya’! We already got a taste of what’s to come with the pre-release single ‘Dingga’ in mid-October, and it did not disappoint! It was catchy and retro enough for us to not be able to stop listening to it! This new song, ‘Aya,’ seems to be much more intense and groovy but still vocal-driven. Mamamoo’s vocals are honestly insane! The teaser photos we have gotten so far are absolutely breathtaking! If ‘Aya’ is as good as last year’s ‘HIP,’ we are in for a treat!

Dates To Remember: 11/3 – Comeback


Park Jihoon via Twitter

Park Jihoon is well on his way to give us more amazing music! MESSAGE is the name of his first full-length album, and we cannot wait! It’s coming to us on November 4th, and the lead single ‘Gotcha’ just looks way too good to be true! Jihoon is going to be a badass criminal in his new song, and we are ready to abuse the replay button!

Dates To Remember: 11/4 – Comeback


Secret Number Via Twitter

Multinational quintet Secret Number have been making a name for themselves even before their debut with ‘Who Dis?’ back in May. The members Léa, Jinny, Denise, Dita, and Soodam, have been experiencing popularity worldwide thanks to their extremely dedicated fans. Their strong international fanbase is in part due to the diversity of the team, originating from South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and the United States. And fans don’t have much longer to wait for their first comeback with single album Got That Boom releasing November 4th. The concept images for the title track of the same name show the girls looking stunning in sparkly pop art disco dresses. The single also includes the track ‘PRIVACY,’ which will showcase another side to these talented rookies.

Dates To Remember: 11/4 – Comeback


K/DA via Twitter

Our favorite AI girls are back! We got a sneak-peak a little bit ago with their tracks ‘More’ and ‘The Baddest,’ and now we’re getting a mini-album from AI group, K/DA. This historic group has got everyone in K-Pop talking, and with voices from some of our faves in Twice, (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, Madison Beer, and more, we are ready for these girls!

Dates To Remember: 11/6 – Comeback


Treasure via Twitter

It hasn’t been long since TREASURE made one of the biggest debuts of the year, but they’re already back! After their debut single ‘Boy’ and their follow-up ‘I Love You,’ the third installment of The First Step, ‘음 (MMM),’ is being released at the beginning of November, on the 6th. By the looks of the concept teaser, they seem to be taking on a more dark concept, and we’re so excited about it.

Dates To Remember: 11/6 – Comeback



GFRIEND has established themselves in the K-Pop world as a group to keep your eye on. And with good reason, have you seen the teasers for the next comeback? After having a recent Japanese comeback, the girls are already back and ready to deliver 回:Walpurgis Night! The girls look stunning in these teasers, and we’re loving the retro-disco theme that is happening in this next lead single ‘MAGO.’ We know that GFRIEND are about to do something legendary! 

Dates To Remember: 11/9 – Comeback


Ha Sungwoon via Twitter

The maker of bops is coming! Ha Sungwoon is coming to us this month with his fourth mini-album Mirage! The concept for this new album looks like it is going to be edgy and dark! We love to see Sungwoon sexy, and since his last comeback ‘Get Ready’ made our summer, we expect him to save our autumn as well. Let’s get ready for November 9th!

Dates To Remember: 11/9 – Comeback


Taemin via Twitter

We hope you are all ready for your new favorite album because Taemin of SHINee is dropping the second act of his 3rd full-album Never Gonna Dance Again, this month. We can’t contain our excitement over this one! The lead single is going to be ‘IDEA:理想,’ and judging from who is behind the song and its production, this is going to be epic! The teaser photos that have come out so far are truly something! We stopped breathing for a second. Taemints and Shawols get ready to stream! The second act of the album will also finally include long-awaited bops ‘Heaven’ and ‘Identity’ from Taemin’s solo concert. Shawols have waited a long time for this, and the studio versions are finally coming! We are ready to see what’s next after ‘Criminal’ because that was absolutely fantastic already!

Dates To Remember: 11/9 – Comeback


Naver via Twitter

After four long years during which a lot of things happened, including his mandatory military enlistment and loads of incredible musical roles, Kim Junsu, or XIA, is finally coming back with his new mini-album Pit A Pat on November 10th. The “ticket power,” as dubbed by the Korean media due to being able to sell out his musicals in just a few minutes, is finally going to bless us with four new songs and an online concert right after the release. We couldn’t be more excited to finally hear his unique, always recognizable voice after so long, and we are absolutely sure that he will not disappoint!

Dates To Remember: 11/10 – Comeback


E’LAST via Twitter

The concept teasers for rookie boy group E’LAST really have us feeling some type of way. The snowy purple hues of the announcement image filter over a wintery forest and a translucent eye to reveal the title of the mini-album, Awake. The group’s first comeback is set to take place on 11/11, which is said to be a day wishes come true. This is fitting since their individual photos with warm tones and pretty, colourful butterflies are all we could have asked for. The tracklist includes the songs ‘Tears Of Chaos’, ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Present,’ and ‘Because Of You’ as well as an ‘Intro.’ Member Wonhyuk contributed lyrics to two of the tracks, and we’re certain this is just the start of the members being given the opportunity to highlight their individual talents. We cannot wait for this magical comeback!

Dates To Remember: 11/11 – Comeback


Lee Juck Via Twitter

Finally, some good news! Veteran singer Lee Juck is making his return to the industry after a seven-year hiatus. He debuted in 1995 as a member of duo Panic and since then has had great success as a soloist, radio DJ, and author. His music spans a number of genres, including Pop, Funk, Folk, and Rock and Roll, and is popular with all age groups in Korea. Following his last release, The Meaning of Solitude, in 2013, he’s back with his 6th studio album Trace, which will be released on November 11th. When asked about his inspiration for the new songs, he stated, “The world is flowing in an unknown direction, and we are on top of it shaking without strength.” He hopes to bring comfort to whoever is listening to his music, and in this time of uncertainty, that’s something we could all use.

Dates To Remember: 11/11 – Comeback


CNBLUE via Twitter

They’re back! After finishing their military enlistment, the members of CNBLUE are back and ready for action. The group will be releasing their 8th mini-album RE-CODE on the 17th! This comeback has been highly anticipated, and we know that the K-Pop world has missed them!

Dates To Remember: 11/17 – Comeback


WOODZ via Twitter

Woodz has kept himself pretty busy the last couple of weeks, between his own online concert and an appearance at KCON. Now, this king is making a comeback with his 2nd mini-album, WOOPS!. We’ve already got a teaser schedule and a short album trailer, making us wonder what this album and its concept could be. We wish November 17th would come sooner!

Dates To Remember: 11/17 – Comeback


HENRY via Twitter

Can you believe it’s been six years since Henry released Fantastic? While we have been treated to OST’s, collabs, and singles since then, Henry is now releasing his new album after all this time. We were thrilled to read the news, and we know that this man is about to bring it in his 3rd mini-album, JOURNEY (if you haven’t watched the album teaser film, trust us and do it now). It’s been a long time coming, but we don’t mind waiting just a little bit more for the 18th!

Dates To Remember: 11/18 – Comeback


BIGHIT Entertainment

After teasing for so long about the making of the album, we now have a date (November 20th), an album name (BE), and the name of the title track, ‘Life Goes On.’ There’s not much we know about it when it comes to concept or sound; what we do know is that it’s the album in which the members have had the most input, having control over almost every aspect of the album, and it has been described as their most “BTS-esque” album. Even with little information, it feels like their best album yet is about to drop, and we’re so excited about it!

Dates To Remember: 11/20 – Comeback

NCT 2020

SM Entertainment via Twitter

Get ready NCTzens, because Pt. 2 of NCT 2020 is coming! We know that we’re barely over what we got in the first act, with hits such as ‘Make A Wish’ and “From Home,’ but NCity never slows down, and NCT is already here with their next part. We already know of two confirmed units that were introduced before Pt.1, and these units will be hosting a kick-off livestream on November 6th, starting at 7 PM KST, where fans can ask questions! We also can’t get over how perfect the release date is for this comeback, November 23rd, (cause the 23 members, get it?). Will NCT become million-copy sellers again? Well, we think so!

Dates To Remember: 11/23 – Comeback 


woo!ah! via Twitter

Not even a year into their debut, and rookie group woo!ah! already have captured the hearts of many K-Pop fans. The group debuted back in April and will be having their second comeback with their new single album due to release on the 24th! We are so ready for this! 

Dates To Remember: 11/24 – Comeback



The boys are back! GOT7 have finally dropped the comeback poster for their next album, and not gonna lie, we may have cried at the news. Their comeback is set for the 30th, but they will be releasing their pre-release track, ‘Breath,’ on the 23rd! We have some suspicion that Breath of Love : Last Piece is connected to the last two albums the group released and are curious about what the full concept will be. Whatever it is, we know for a fact that GOT7 is going to deliver some magic, just as they always do! 

Dates To Remember: 11/23 – Pre-release track
11/30 – Comeback



BTOB 4U via Twitter

Melody, it’s been too long! But the wait was worth it! BTOB has been carrying out their military enlistment one by one, and now the hyung-line is finally back, and Peniel is surrounded by three of his members again. After having said goodbye to maknae-line in the middle of this summer, the older members have finally announced that they will debut as a sub-unit! We are getting BTOB 4U on November 16th, and we couldn’t be any more excited! We are expecting a bop composed by one of these talented men and vocals for days! Hopefully, we are getting more information soon!

Dates To Remember: 11/16 – Debut


BlingBling via Twitter

Are we ready for another K-Pop debut? For BlingBling, the answer is yes! This six-member girl group is gearing up to bring some sparkle to 2020 with their first album coming November 17th. While we’re still waiting eagerly for more details about the release, we have enough to get us hyped already. The girls have shown off their impressive skills in fire dance practice videos and beautiful vocal covers. As well as that, they’ve been hinting at a unique concept! Each of the members has her own logo representing a different precious stone, which comes together to form the group’s emblem. From what we’ve seen, we know Yubin, Jieun, Ayamy, Marin, Juhyun, and Narin are here to slay! And we think these talented and adorable girls are exactly what we need to make this year a little brighter.

Dates To Remember: 11/17 – Debut


SM Entertainment

Get ready for your new obsession from SM Entertainment. Meet Aespa, a four-member girl group that already has the K-Pop world talking. The four girls, Winter, NingNing, Giselle, and Karina, look stunning in their Avatar inspired concept photos, and we can’t wait to hear their debut single, “Black Mamba,” releasing on November 17th. But, Aespa comes with a twist, each of the girls will have an AI counterpart, making the group technically having eight-members. They have definitely got our attention, and we can’t wait to see what these girls bring!

Dates To Remember: 11/17 – Debut


withus via Twitter

Now, this group has piqued our interest. The five-member boy group, withus, is set to debut on the 17th of the month, and once you watch their concept trailers, you’ll see why we’re invested. With the moon definitely being a key factor in their concept, we’re curious about what they’ll bring to the table with their debut. 

Dates To Remember: 11/17 – Debut


BAE173 via Twitter

BAE173 is the debut we can’t wait for this November! The new MBK Entertainment boy group is coming to us in the middle of this month and judging from the teaser, it is going to be good. The hype surrounding this group is mostly coming from the fact that it will be the new home to former X1 and duo H&D’s Hangyul and Dohyon. The two will finally re-debut in a new group after X1’s sad disbandment at the beginning of the year. During this past year, the two have shown us how talented they are with their duo releases. We, for one, can’t wait to see what kind of songs BAE173 is going to bring to us. The teaser let us assume it’s going to be a refreshing and fun concept! We cannot wait!

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'Picture In My Mind' Featured Image

Dates To Remember: 11/19 – Debut


BIGHIT Entertainment

The I-Land born supergroup is coming! Are you ready? We certainly are ready to welcome these monster rookies! Enhypen has a good amount of hype surrounding them already; they have been formed through a survival show, after all! The first teasers have just started to drop and knowing BigHit, this is going to be mindblowing. The teasers make us think this is going to be some sort of medieval vampire concept. It looks so good! But we will patiently have to wait until the end of this month to be able to get this hit of a debut album!

Dates To Remember: 11/30 – Debut

Single Releases


Naver via Twitter

We are all huge K-HipHop fans here at The Honey Pop, and we love seeing BewhY and Dynamic Duo together on Show Me The Money 9. And now this trio is giving us a collab that’s about to snatch our wigs! ‘Soon’ will be released on November 3rd, and we were born ready!

Dates To Remember: 11/3 – Single Release


GIRLKIND via Twitter

If you haven’t checked out GIRLKIND before, we definitely recommend you do so! Now is the perfect time, since the group is having a comeback this month, with their 4th digital single, ‘Psycho4U!’

Dates To Remember: 11/4 – Single Release


BerryGood via Twitter

One of the most underrated girl groups in the K-Pop industry, BerryGood, is back! The group will be releasing their 6th digital single ‘Accio’ on November 5th, and we could not be more excited. It’s been a year and a half since their last comeback, but we finally get to hear their heavenly vocals again! Members Sehyung, Seoyul, Johyun, and Gowoon will participate in this comeback, with Daye still on hiatus for health reasons. The girls have already released some beautiful teaser images with a simple but melancholic feeling. We’re hoping the song title ‘Accio’ could be a reference to the Harry Potter spell, which brings you any object you desire. Plus, a magical concept would be perfect since ‘BibbidiBobbidiBoo’ deserved so much better. But no matter what they show us, we know it’s going to be amazing!

Dates To Remember: 11/5 – Single Release


SM Entertainment

It’s been almost a year since Super Junior’s last full group release with their repackaged album Timeless. Since then, we’ve been treated to comebacks from subunits D&E with [BAD BLOOD], and K.R.Y. with ‘When We Were Us,’ as well as solo promotions from Kyuhyun with PROJECT:季, and Ryeowook with ‘Calendar.’ Not to mention the members’ hilarious appearances on variety shows, including series four of SJ Returns! But nothing compares to the chaos of a full-blown Super Junior comeback. And although we have to wait a little longer for their 10th (!) studio album, they’re giving us a present early! The pre-release single ‘The Melody’ is dropping on November 6th at 6 PM KST and will even feature Leeteuk and Yesung’s lyrics, written especially for E.L.F.

Dates To Remember: 11/6 – Single Release
11/7 – 15th Anniversary Special


Jamie via Twitter

Our girl with the sweet vocals is back! Jamie revealed that she would be making her comeback with her new digital single, Apollo 11! The concept photos are beyond breathtaking, and we’re willing to bet that this comeback is going to be out of this world!

Dates To Remember: 11/11 – Single Release


Natty via Twitter

We were all so happy to see Natty finally debut just a few months ago. Sixteen ended, and while Natty didn’t make it into Twice, we still hoped to see her on stage one day again. And this month we are getting a new single ‘Teddy Bear’ on November 12th. Natty is about to blow our minds with some sharp dance moves and her angelic voice!

Dates To Remember: 11/12 – Single Release


Momoland via Twitter

‘Ready or Not,’ Momoland is coming! The group is making their return with their 2nd single album, also called Ready or Not, on November 17th. It seems like a hot minute since their most recent EP Starry Night was released (probably because we haven’t stopped listening to it), but we missed seeing them perform with their signature charming exuberance on stage. Thankfully, Ahin, Hyebin, Jane, JooE, Nancy, and Nayun are already gearing up for another comeback! They’ve even teamed up with the iconic PSY who wrote the song, especially for their 4th anniversary. We may not have many details about the release yet, but since Momoland are truly incapable of making a bad track, it’s safe to say it’s going to be an anthem.

Dates To Remember: 11/17 -Single Album Released

Japanese Comebacks



It’s been an insane year for Stray Kids, with their Japanese debut, their two comebacks, and now the release of their first Japanese mini-album. While ALL IN is already out on streaming platforms, the mini-album’s official release is set for the 4th of November. With an explosive and addictive main single, ‘All In,’ accompanied by one of their best music videos, this comeback surely made an impression. New tracks like ‘FAM’ and ‘One Day’ fall right into Stray Kids’ alley while they keep switching it up and keeping it interesting. As the mini-album also includes the Japanese take on ‘God’s Menu’ and ‘Back Door,’ as well as ‘TOP’ and ‘SLUMP,’ ALL IN sums up better than anything Stray Kids’ amazing year!

Dates To Remember: 11/4 – Official Release
11/22 – Online Concert




Yes, you read that correctly. The legendary Rain has been saying he is planning on making a comeback with another, and it was revealed that this person was none other than JYP. We don’t have many details regarding the comeback, but one thing is for sure, this is bound to be interesting. 

As we said, there is never any rest in the world of K-Pop. We know for a fact that some of these groups are about to make history and redefine the K-Pop industry!

That’s it for this month’s K-Pop Hotspot! Is one of your favorite group’s having a comeback? Whose album are you 100% going to buy? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop

Words: Rachel Collucci, Dalgi, Juu Luquin, Selina

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