Pentatonix Thinks We Need A Little Christmas

Pentatonix Thinks We Need A Little Christmas

We Need A Little Christmas will be the 6th-holiday studio album from the massively successful Pentatonix. They’re a stellar band and their holiday music hits on a whole other level. Some of their past songs include ‘That’s Christmas to Me’, ‘Mary Did You Know’, and ‘Little Drummer Boy.’ Their voices are chilling, bringing Father Christmas and all the good of the holiday season right down into our hearts and homes. With this album coming to us November 11th, we expect great things, especially listening to the first song.

‘Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)’

The most spine-tingling song you’ve ever heard when it is sung. Pentatonix doesn’t disappoint.

Pure as the white falling snow and bright as an enriching spring. Like the song, this video depicts rebirth and newly discovered hope in the world. Life has been crazy all over the world, we say it time and time again, but this song. It is healing, it is endearing and warm. Our approach to this ending of 2020 should be like a bright new horizon. If you’ve never heard the song, whether you’re religious or not, this song is one of power and awakening. How will you end this year?

The Fans Truly Say It Best

Our world is alight with holiday cheer, are you ready? Getting your copy of We Need A Little Christmas? Have a favorite Pentatonix holiday throwback? We love the oldies, they’re always goodies. Let us know in the comments below, tweet at us @TheHoneyPOP, or check out our Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured image courtesy of Pentatonix PR/’Amazing Grace’ Music Video

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