guccihighwaters: Breaks Out Of ‘Straight Jacket’ & Into The Scene

guccihighwaters: Breaks Out Of ‘Straight Jacket’ & Into The Scene

guccihighwaters releases new music video for recently released single ‘straight jacket.’

Morgan Murphy, known more commonly as guccihighwaters, finds footing and makes a mark on the creative world. Singer and producer Murphy blends hip hop and emo genres into something we like to call in our world emo-trap-rap. A seamless blend of melodic tunes, vulnerable lyrics, and vocals carrying a district uniqueness guiccihighwaters has some prominent potential.

Growing up in Ireland and eventually moving to New York in early adolescence, isolation overcame him. Don’t pity him too much because, from these seeds of isolation, the most beautiful garden grew. One bountiful of groundwork, and solid work ethic. Using those qualities, he quickly turned out the home recording process and never looked back.

SoundCloud Sensation

Newer to the scene, finding footing on SoundCloud he released his first EP Post Death in 2017. guccihighwater quickly established himself, acquiring nearly 750,000 (Us? We’re probably a solid 10,000 of them) monthly Spotify listens, he’s kind of a big deal.

Now, he’s released a calculated banger – ‘straight jacket’. Like many of his tracks that have come before, the single is both bold and intimately familiar. Starting with trilling piano building progressively into more complicated lyrics. Naturally, the video is just as lovely as the track – which you are ever so luckily able to view here:

guccihighwaters – ‘straight jacket’

With a perfected production of euphonic tunes, guccihighwaters’ career is only about to skyrocket higher.

While we have been jamming guccihighwaters for quite some time, we know not everyone can be as hella cool as us, and that’s okay only because we’re going to leave you with a pretty little playlist to get you on. You’re welcome.

What do YOU love about gucchighwaters? Everything? Us too. Let us know your thoughts on the single by commenting down below, or giving us a shout on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP


Featured Image Source: Robert Hickerson

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