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We Love The ‘Wild Life,’ Thanks To OneRepublic’s New Music Video

We Love The ‘Wild Life,’ Thanks To OneRepublic’s New Music Video

We got a new music video from OneRepublic! It’s wild! Have you guessed yet THP fam? It’s for ‘Wild Life!’ And it took our breath away!

Directed by Christian Lamb and produced by Black Dog Film, the ‘Wild Life’ music video starts with serene images of the rolling oceans and mossy trees in the woods as the orchestra begins to rise. It shifts over to a clip of a man dancing in front of boulders. Immediately, we feel at peace as the calmness from the landscape and as the atmosphere of the video washes over us but then we see Ryan Tedder standing in front of crashing waves as he begins to sing to us. We literally can’t contain our excitement! As the chorus unfolds, we wonder what journey OneRepublic is about to take us on with this masterpiece of a music video!

The tranquil mood remains established throughout the video’s entirety displaying more clips of the dancers (Matthew Gibbs and Courtney Scarr) with the beauty of Earth set as their stage. Though ‘Wild Life’ is a song that implies navigating the wildness of life, the music video reveals another idea that reminds us to appreciate and preserve nature. One of our favorite moments is the closeup of Matthew Gibbs dancing in front of the trees, halfway through the video. The camera captures a rainbow streaked across the screen from the lighting while we are captivated by Gibbs’ dance. It is simply beautiful and powerfully artistic!

 The music video continues alternating between scenes of Ryan singing and Gibbs and Scarr dancing, we’ll point out another gorgeous moment when they are silhouetted against the sunset, until it dwindles to a close. We can’t quite describe it but we are certain ‘Wild Life’ changed us! We’re breathing ‘Wild Life’ in! We are inspired to take on life!

If you recognize ‘Wild Life’ that’s because it’s not only a great song but it also made it on the soundtrack of the Disney+ original movie Clouds, this past October! As much as we loved it in this film, we’re so thrilled we have this music video to watch now too!

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Featured Image Source: OneRepublic via YouTube

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