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BTS Released Their Tracklist For BE And It’s Getting Personal

BTS Released Their Tracklist For BE And It’s Getting Personal

Can you believe that in less than two weeks, we’re getting a new BTS album? BE is right around the corner, and it is set up to be the most special BTS release to date. The boys were more hands-on with this album than their previous and have continually talked about this being the most “BTS-esque” album to date! Obviously, ARMY (including us at THP) is beyond excited and ready for what we know will be a record-breaking album!

Everything leading up to the release feels different than with previous comebacks. A formal teaser schedule was never released, so each day, ARMY has been surprised with a new teaser for the album. The most recent surprise has been the release of BE‘s tracklist! The album will feature eight songs, including their hit ‘Dynamite’ and lead track ‘Life Goes On.’ What made this teaser more special was that each song title was written in the boys’ hand-writing; these little bits show us how personal BTS is getting with this new album, making us all the more excited. Check out the tracklist below!

BE Tracklist

1. Life Goes On
2. Fly To My Room
3. Blue & Grey
4. Skit
5. Telepathy
6. Dis-ease
7. Stay
8. Dynamite

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

The other teasers also had us feeling emotional this week. The concept photos for BE show each of the boys in their personal room, customize to the boy and fitting them perfectly. The photos were then followed with the members’ audio clips describing their rooms, what the objects mean, and why they constructed them that way. Now, we aren’t sure what made us cry the hardest; Was it V talking about the painting in the background, j-hope showing us his many colors, Jin reminding us that we are all precious gems in our lives? Honestly, it was everything that each of the boys said about their rooms and themselves, and it is how personal BTS gets with us and their fans that makes us love them even more. It shows just how special this bond is and how there is quite no other group out there like BTS. 

We’re waiting (impatiently) for BE’s release on the 20th, and we are getting treated on the 22nd during the American Music Awards, where BTS will be performing ‘Dynamite,’ and the first live performance of ‘Life Goes On!’ 

Are you excited for BE? Which song are you claiming off the tracklist? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: BigHit Entertainment

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