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GFRIEND Have Us Bewitched With New Album 回WALPURGIS NIGHT

GFRIEND Have Us Bewitched With New Album 回WALPURGIS NIGHT

GFRIEND have just released their 3rd full-length Korean album 回:WALPURGIS NIGHT, and we’re well and truly under their spell. The album dropped on November 9th with 11 stunning tracks, including the singles from their previous 回 releases. This trilogy reflects the metamorphosis they’ve been going through as artists; from the catalyst 回:LABYRINTH, to the chrysalis 回:Song of the Sirens, we’re now in the final stage. 回:WALPURGIS NIGHT, where the girls emerge as gorgeous butterflies and spread their creative wings, even taking part in the album’s production.

The title track ‘MAGO’ captures the members as modern witches as they confidently control their own identity and destiny. In the stunning music video, they don sparkly outfits and set the night alight as dancing queens at a glamourous disco party. This works perfectly with the music, which has a retro dance beat and catchy synthesizers throughout. Of course, no GFRIEND comeback would be complete without their flawless choreography to tie it all together. And the girls do not disappoint with a combination of witchy, twirling motions and razor-sharp disco moves.

You can watch the enchanting music video for ‘MAGO’ below!

Some of the songs on the album, ‘Apple,’ ‘Crossroads,’ and ‘Labyrinth,’ will already be familiar to Buddies (and all K-pop fans, honestly) as they were massive hits earlier this year. But somehow, they seem to have gotten even better over time! And because they came from different mini-albums, they add a dynamic vibe to this new release. There are also plenty of fresh new tracks to keep us grooving along with GFRIEND until the end of the year.

Two of the songs seem to drive the narrative of 回:WALPURGIS NIGHT as they radiate the energy of a woman (or six) who has overcome uncertainty and temptation to find her path in life. ‘Love Spell’ and ‘Better Me’ are dark, magical anthems layered with silky vocals and a seductive undertone. Meanwhile, ‘GRWM’ and ‘Three of Cups’ are fun additions that express the newfound freedom the members have found through their journey. And just in case we forgot that GFRIEND are not only talented dancers but singers too, they’ve also included the intimate ballad ‘Secret Diary’ and Ariana Grande-esque ‘Night Drive.’ Finally, ‘Wheel of the Year’ is possibly the most similar to GFRIEND’s past signature style and is sure to be very meaningful to their fans. We’re glad it’s at the end of the album because it gets us right in the feelings every time.

So what do you think of the final installment of the 回 series from GFRIEND? Do you have a favorite track? Let us know in the comments below, FacebookInstagram, or @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter! And you can also hang out with other Buddies at our Discord server: The Hive.

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