Bea Miller Serves Facts Starting From ‘forever is a lie’

Bea Miller Serves Facts Starting From ‘forever is a lie’

Bea Miller serves us yet again with a fantastic music video for one of her songs taken out of her latest EP, and this time it’s the turn for ‘forever is a lie’ to shine.

After ‘wisdom teeth,’ ‘FEEL SOMETHING DIFFERENT,’ ‘making bad decisions,’ and ‘hallelujah,’ Bea Miller continues with her series of music videos and drops a visualizer for ‘forever is a lie.’ And just like all the others: it’s incredible.

Source: ‘forever is a lie’ music video

Bea keeps delivering with every visual she gives us. And they show her growth as an artist. Not only is her music bolder, but it showcases her evolution as a singer and a songwriter, as an artist overall.

This time the music video Bea Miller did for ‘forever is a lie’ showcases her on Day 124 of quarantine. She’s singing and dancing around at night in LA to the song with various outfits of different colors. The song is already such a statement, and it’s so bold. However, with her attitude, frustration, and energy overall, it just becomes more striking. The song was co-written by Bea herself, Mike Sabath, and Justin Tranter. Bea touches on subjects such as marriage, heteronormativity, and the music industry. And for her to speak up and “serve facts” (as she sings) is something we love to see and need more of.

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Featured image source: ‘forever is a lie’ music video

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