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Steve Aoki Is Giving MAX’s ‘Blueberry Eyes’ (feat. SUGA of BTS) A Remix And We’re Loving It

Steve Aoki Is Giving MAX’s ‘Blueberry Eyes’ (feat. SUGA of BTS) A Remix And We’re Loving It

If you’re like us here at The Honey Pop, then you’ve also been playing MAX’s ‘Blueberry Eyes’ on repeat since its release. The song, which is a collab with one of our other faves, SUGA of BTS, is an absolute hit! It gained over 70 million global streams and an MV with over 22 million views! It’s been steadily getting airplay on pop radio and dominating the charts (and Twitter trends) by earning the No. 1 spot on iTunes chart in 66 counties and continually trending on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and U.S. Viral 50 charts! You’ve probably also heard it all over TikTok since it is the perfect background music for any video. 

Two months since its initial release, another iconic artist is joining the song and giving us a remix, Steve Aoki! Steve’s remixes are always one of a kind and stellar, and he’s teamed up with so many of our faves before, such as Monsta XLouis Tomlinson, LAY, Darren Criss, and of course, BTS.

Knowing his immense love and respect for SUGA and BTS made perfect sense to have him join the story of this song and add his spice to this remix.

MAX regarding Steve Aoki

Like MAX, we think that Steve was the perfect addition to this song and transformed it into something unique! Steve’s remix takes us back in time, giving us retro EDM beats that compliment MAX’s vocal tone. The remix is the perfect combination of a song you can jam out to or play in the background when you what to chill. We also are loving the 80s’ retro MV that came along with the song. We love seeing MAX’s dance moves during the instrumental break and couldn’t help but notice the reappearance of our favorite cat during SUGA’s verse! We’ll be adding the remix and the MV to our streaming playlists (and you should too)!

MAX has been keeping us entertained this second half of the year, not only with the release of his sophomore album Colour Visionbut also with his virtual concert back in September and his performance on The Unlocked Sessions powered by Hyundai and LIVEXLIVE this past week. We can say without a doubt that we’re loving everything the MAX has been doing and can’t wait for more. Keep it up, MAX; you’re doing great! 

Have you listened to the remix yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: ‘Blueberry Eye’ (feat. SUGA of BTS) [Steve Aoki Remix] Official Music Video

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