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Need More NCT? Part Two of NCT 2020 Is Right Around The Corner

Need More NCT? Part Two of NCT 2020 Is Right Around The Corner

Are you ready for more NCT? We know, we know. You’re probably still not over RESONANCE Pt. 1 (cause believe us, we definitely aren’t). Well, if you’ve been a member of NCity for long, you know that we can never rest in this place. We knew when NCT 2020 was announced that Pt. 1 would have an October release date, and Pt. 2 would be released sometime in November. Well, the time has come, or more specifically, it will on the 23rd.

RESONANCE Pt. 2 will be giving us eight new songs and will be including the 13 we already have fallen in love with (shout out to our fellow ‘Faded In My Last Song’ enthusiasts)! After the hits that were ‘From Home’ and ‘Make A Wish’ (which hit 100 million views this past week), we are excited to hear the next two title tracks for Pt. 2; ’90’s Love’ and ‘Work It.’ 

The ’90’s Love’ unit sees the combination of members Ten, Mark, WinWin, Haechan, Jeno, YangYang, and Sungchan, and we already know that some retro magic is about to happen with this group. We also can’t ignore the chaotic energy that the ‘Work It’ unit is giving us; it sees members Johnny, Ten, Yuta, Hendery, Jaemin, Jungwoo, and Jisung coming together for an EDM heavy track. Check out the full tracklist for RESONANCE Pt. 2 below!

RESONANCE Pt. 2 Tracklist

1. 90’s Love
2. Misfit
3. Raise The Roof
4. Volcano
5. 백열등(Light Bulb)
6. Dancing In The Rain
7. My Everything
8. Interlude: Past to Present
9. Make A Wish (Birthday Song)
10. 무대로(Déjà Vu; 舞代路)
11. 月之迷(Nectar)
12. Music, Dance
13. 피아노(Faded In My Last Song)
14. From Home
15. From Home (Korean Ver.)
16. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.)
17. Interlude: Present to Future
18. Work It
19. 단잠(All About You)
20. I.O.U
21. Outro: Dream Routine

RESONANCE Pt. 1 was a career-defining album for NCT. Not only did the album exceed 1.21 million sales in its first week (and earn the title of most pre-ordered album of any SM Entertainment artist), it debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 chart. It also reached the No. 1 spot on the Emerging Artists chart and iTunes Albums chart in 35 countries (including the US). Plus, the MV for ‘Make A Wish’ earned 25 million views in one day, making it the most viewed SM Entertainment MV in the first 24-hours. 

We know that RESONANCE Pt. 2 will bring us more of that NCT sound we love and be just as massive an album for the group as Pt. 1 was. Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy (we need one, have you seen those teaser images? Imagine the photocards for this album).

GIF Source: Gfycat

Are you ready for RESONANCE Pt. 2? Which song are you claiming? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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