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The Best Film & TV Fan Conspiracy Theories

The Best Film & TV Fan Conspiracy Theories

Your favorite flicks and shows might not be what they seem! 👀 We’ve compiled a list of some of the best film and tv fan conspiracy theories relating to different blockbusters and tv shows. Have a read and prepare to have your mind blown!

Coraline Never Leaves The Other Word in Coraline

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It’s no secret that Coraline still makes us shiver! What’s even scarier is the common fan conspiracy theory floating around social media sites like Reddit that Coraline never ends up leaving the hands of her Other Mother. The theory is based on several oddities in the film, but we’ll give you the basics. The Other Mother’s magic isn’t meant to work on the outside world, yet she can capture Coraline’s parents. Coraline “destroys” the key in the well even though it’s hinted to be another portal to the Other World. This means she never escapes the Other World, and our suspicions grow when at the end of the film, the camera zooms out to show the outline of the garden scarily reflecting the Other Mother’s face. 

Dan From Gossip Girl Grows Up To Be Joe From You

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Penn Badgley blesses our eyes as both Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl and Joe in You. Due to the fact, both characters are scarily similar in their habits (and looks), some believe the shows are linked! Joe is scarily good at stalking his victims, just like Dan was in order to write about them as Gossip Girl. The actor even suggests this himself– calling his character in You a “progression” from his character in Gossip Girl.

Jack From Titanic Is Actually A Time Traveler

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Another theory is that Jack from Titanic is a time traveller from the future! Several plot inconsistencies support this theory. For example, Jack mentions onboard that he went fishing at Lake Wissota- however, that Lake wasn’t established until five years after the Titanic sank! 

All Events In Riverdale Are Actually Just A Plot In Jughead’s Book

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We all know Riverdale is wildly dramatic and full of twists and turns! According to some fans, it turns out that none of the mysterious events take place at all! We see Jughead writing his novel on his computer throughout the show- and apparently, the entire show is merely a figment of his imagination, to put in his book.

Nemo doesn’t exist in Finding Nemo

Image Source: WhatCulture

Amongst a surge of Pixar films’ theories, a popular one is that Nemo doesn’t exist. According to many, Marlin makes up the events of Finding Nemo in his head to cope with the loss of his son. Backing this theory up is the fact that Nemo translates to “no man” in Latin. Sad 😭

Ben Geller From Friends Is Actually Psychic

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Every Friends fan remembers the sweet face of Ross’ son Ben Geller! But did you know that many think he has psychic abilities? In season 3, episode 8 of the beloved sitcom, there’s an episode where Monica keeps banging Ben’s head against things. Clever Ben keeps repeating the incriminating “Monica Bang!” but that’s not too far off from Monica Bing– what Monica’s name becomes when she marries Chandler. Ben knows they’re endgame from the start <3

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What do you think of these theories? Do they have any truth to them? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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