3OH!3 Has Put ‘Lonely Machines’ Into Hyper-Drive With 100 gecs

3OH!3 Has Put ‘Lonely Machines’  Into Hyper-Drive With 100 gecs

Start your engines… 3OH!3 has put their new single, ‘Lonely Machines’ into hyper-drive in collaboration with 100 gecs! What do you get when you cross late-00’s electro-pop-rockers with emerging alternative electronica heathens? You get an energetic, glitchy beat under sassy remarks about your boyfriend’s decade-long habit of eating beef.


Yeah, this GIF has the same energy as the song. Somehow, the less sense it makes…, the more sense it makes.

3OH!3 are… back?

Ah, yes, remember 2008? When we heard that killer line for the first time? 3OH!3 burst onto the scene and took over middle schools everywhere. They have returned with their original label, Photo Finish Records, to kick start a new sonic era and pick up that legacy right where they left it.

3OH!3 via YouTube

Now, I think it’s important to mention – they never actually really left. After their last hit with ‘My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha)’ in 2010, they released two more full albums, ‘OMENS‘ (2013) and ‘NIGHT SPORTS‘ (2016), which are both available to stream on Spotify.

However, this return is feeling very fresh and relevant. A collaboration with 100 gecs is brilliant, given the electronic cohesion between the work of both groups. Plus, they’re all very playful performers, which has made for an obviously-odd music video.

*And* there’s a music video?

Of course, there’s an adventurous visual accompaniment, complete with hazmat suits, dollhouses, get-well balloons, and CD-worshippers.

3OH!3 via YouTube

The gang’s all here – 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady and Laura Les screaming onstage in a darkened bar, while 3OH!3’s Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte read censored pop culture magazines in a hospital bed. Of course, they all come together to do the 3OH!3 hand thing – it seems to be part of their little CD-cult religion. Now we’re waiting to see if these cult practices will culminate into a comeback album that’s worth the worship!

Did you ever expect 3OH!3 to return to the spotlight? What’s more, did you ever foresee a collaboration like this? Does your boyfriend still have beef? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source: via YouTube ‘3OH!3 – LONELY MACHINES (ft. 100 gecs) [Official Video]’

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