Oceans Ate Alaska Blossom With New Single & Video ‘Metamorph’

Oceans Ate Alaska Blossom With New Single & Video ‘Metamorph’

The British metalcore band Oceans Ate Alaska are finally back with a new song titled ‘Metamorph,’ and we’re freaking out! The band hasn’t released new music since 2017, so this is a big deal! What makes this even crazier is that the band’s original vocalist, James Harrison, is back! He parted ways with the band back in 2016 due to personal differences, but now he’s back belting out heavy vocals on this killer new track!

Oceans Ate Alaska – ‘Metamorph’

This track is so colossal! It brings us back to the Lost Isles days! Lost Isles was the first album that the band released in 2015. We love that the chorus in this track gives a nice break up of heavy vocals with softer ones. But our favorite part of the whole song has got to be when Harrison screams that first line of “did you miss me?” It gives this song a whole new meaning knowing that he left the band for quite some time.

As the original lineup for Oceans Ate Alaska, we are hugely proud to announce our brand new single ‘Metamorph.’ Time plays a key factor in growth. We as musicians have let this sink in over the past few years and expanded upon our influences and ideas. But the space we’ve had between us has brought a new creativity to the mix. Everything feels new, almost undiscovered. Prepare for a new era of music.”

Oceans Ate Alaska

‘Metamorph’ is available to stream on every digital platform here

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Atom Splitter PR

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