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Remembering Lil Peep: Our Emo-Trap Heart Throb

Remembering Lil Peep: Our Emo-Trap Heart Throb

Lil Peep

Three years ago today, Gustav Elijah Åhr, better known under his stage name Lil Peep, tragically passed away. Our Emo-Trap Heart Throb left us all to mourn his untimely death ever so profoundly. Peep left behind a legacy that was larger than he could have ever imagined or ever dreamed of. A pioneer, a revivalist to the emo-rap-rock combination of music, Peep was an artist with a uniqueness that was all his own.

American rapper, singer, songwriter, and model Peep knew how to make us fall in love—using his lyrical dishes, samples that bumped through the speakers perfectly, and a smile that was impossible not to swoon over, his creativity and overall demeanor created an image that was impossible not to love.

Holding a close bond with his mother, Liza Womack, it’s only natural that his name stage name stems from her. As her nickname for him was “Peep” because of his loving, big cartoon-like brown eyes, a name that she coined shortly after giving birth. A name that would follow him for years to come.

Lil Peep – ‘Keep My Coo’

From a young age, he was always interested in both music and fashion. Expressing himself through his image, he was always apologetically Peep. He even played the tuba and the trombone for most of his childhood. Gus was always a smart child who did well in school but had very little interest in attending. Instead, spending his time focusing on and making music.

The Debut of Lil Peep

Lil Peep began his career posting his music to sites SoundCloud and YouTube. He started to produce a following after releasing several mix-tapes, including Hellboy (2016) and collaborations with Lil Tracy. Naturally, he began to gain a cult-like following of fans. And can we blame them? Nope, because we are them. Peep continued to work towards his goals of making music that was relatable and unique to his style, debuting with Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1 (2017). Like any proper multiple part release, Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2 exceeded all expectations and landed him with his first US Top 10 Album. He delivered us tracks that he wished would give a voice to the misunderstood like him, those who struggle with depression, relationships, anxiety, suicide, and bullying. His wish? It was fulfilled.

Lil Peep – ‘Awful Things’ ft. Lil Tracy

Peep was just like us in many ways, a fan of My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco. His songs included samples from some of the best to ever do it, such as Blink-182, Underoath, and Pierce the Veil. Being a fan of emo music himself only helped to make him more relevant and prominent within his music genre, one that he helped bring more life into than it had ever seen before.

Everybody’s Everything

Last year, in perfect time to celebrate his life, on the second anniversary of his death, the documentary Everybody’s Everything aired in selected theaters. If you were lucky, you might have gotten to see Peep where he belonged – on the big screen (yes, of course, we were). If not, don’t fret because the tear-jerking, beautiful, full of life docu is available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix.

The documentary begins with a heartfelt, raw, and honest message from Liza, remembering his star-like life and the effect his fleeting time on earth had on her and on all of us. Artists such as T.Mills and Ghostmane make appearances to remember their times shared working with Peep and the impact he had on them. It showcases Lil Peep’s road to success, highlights his goofiness, and, most importantly, his gigantic heart. Everybody’s Everything embraced the eternal love from his beloved grandpa, who always had his back. Gus loved everyone and just wanted people around him; he tried to uplift those he loved and bring them to the top with him. Believing that everyone deserved it all, he gave and gave until he had nothing left.

Lil Peep – ‘Cry Baby’

The album released alongside the documentary, also titled by the same name, was Peep’s first compilation album. Announced November 1st, 2019, on the rappers would have been 23rd birthday and released November 15th, 2019, via Columbia Records.

The album was a killer collection of new and previously unreleased tracks. New songs accompanied previous releases from mixtape Hellboy and EP Castles II Goth Angel Sinner.

Lil Peep was on the verge of star-level fame at the time of his death. His fight with his mental health was the cause of his demise. Sadly, his struggles encouraged his drug usage and his heartbreaking battle. He continually advised his fans against drug use, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. Exactly two weeks after his 21st birthday, Peep died on November 15th, 2017, from an accidental overdose of Fentanyl and Xanax.

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Lil Peep – ‘walk away as the door slams’

Peep saved many with his music, even though he couldn’t save himself. Deserving so much more than this world had to offer, we hope that Peep’s mark on the industry and legacy will continue to carry the future of emo. We remember Lil Peep today and always. The 1975 said it best “Rest in peace Lil Peep; the poetry is in the streets.”

To our ‘tattooed poet’, we miss and love you always, Gus. We will always celebrate you and your legacy forever.

Help us celebrate the life of Gus by sharing your favorite song, memory, or photo of him down below or via Twitter @TheHoneyPOP.


Featured Image Source: Lil Peep On Facebook

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