Billie Eilish’s Takes On A Philosophical Quote With ‘Therefore I Am’

Billie Eilish’s Takes On A Philosophical Quote With ‘Therefore I Am’

Billie Eilish just made the year a little bit better with the release of her new single, ‘Therefore I Am.’

Therefore I Am‘ is the follow-up to a few busy months for Billie Eilish. She’s not only been writing and recording, but she’s also be campaigning. She returned to the public eye earlier this year with a powerful live performance of ‘my future’ for the Democratic National Committee and, of course, her ground breaking live stream last month.

I think, therefore, I am

Simultaneously, as the track shows a sure consistency with her music and her first album when it comes to sound, ‘Therefore I Am’ does show Billie Eilish’s growth as an artist.

The lyrics of the song prove the genius of her and Finneas. Using the very famous philosophical quote, ‘I think, therefore, I am,’ it sticks in your mind as nothing else will. They also made a whole different turn to the quote as she shuts down people that try to use her for clout with “I’m not your friend or anything, damn / You think that you’re the man / I think, therefore, I am.”

The song was released along with a self-directed music video. It shows her playing around and dancing through a deserted Glendale Galleria shopping mall, where she used to go as an early teen. It is such a fun music video to watch, and it fits the fun production of the song and the sassiness of the lyrics perfectly.

Billie is set to perform the song for the first time later this week for the AMAs on November 22nd. She also has two nominations for this award ceremony: Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock and Favorite Social Artist. She will also perform at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball 2020 next month, and her documentary is set to release early next year. It seems like Billie Eilish is ready to make it all about her once again, and ‘Therefore I Am’ is just the beginning!

What did you think of ‘Therefore I Am’ and its music video? How excited are you for Billie’s second album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


Featured image source: via Darkroom/Interscope Records

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