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Here Are 10 Hard Hitting Lyrics From Big Sean’s Detroit 2

Here Are 10 Hard Hitting Lyrics From Big Sean’s Detroit 2

Big Sean

If there’s one good thing to have come out this year, it’s surely Big Sean’s long awaited return to the game with fifth studio album Detroit 2.

In interviews in the run-up to the release, the G.O.O.D Music rapper candidly on his absence from the game revealing his own personal struggles and that he wanted to make sure that his music was at it’s best and reflected his own personal experiences.

What we got as a result of this was a record that embodied passion, culture, and a lot of growth. The personal and reflective release allowed us to reflect upon ourselves and the things around us.

Although a difficult task, we bring to you 10 of our favourite lyrics from the album, in the hope that the record can inspire you like it did us.

“So why would I stop? I am unstoppable”

The album kicks off in spectacular fashion with this confident opening number. ‘Why Would I Stop’ is a welcome reintroduction to that signature flow we all know and love, and the lyrics tell us that he is back on top form. Bigger, better and hungrier than ever.

“Lucky me can turn into lucky you”

There’s so many layers to ‘Lucky Me.’ Starting off slow and steady, Sean reflects on his life in the spotlight and opens up about beating heart disease at the age of 19, referring to himself as “the chosen one.” The track then changes pace with a crazy beat switch and Sean hitting the mic at warp-speed.

“Looking at my life story, God’s a good author”

Without a doubt, one of the deepest songs on the album, there’s a lot to take in from ‘Deep Reverence.’ The single serves as the lead single from the album and features the late and great Nipsey Hussle. The track sees both artists speak on the pressures of life, with Sean opening up about depression. Before the release, the G.O.O.D Music artist told fans, “The world needs to hear n feel Nipsey presence.”

God got me workin’ harder than my demons

If you’ve been following the album campaign, you’ll know that this was the second single from the record. ‘Harder Than My Demons’ sees the rapper take charge and acknowledge his relentless work ethic amidst all he is facing.

 “Life can be a struggle but what isn’t that’s worth havin?

Big Sean gives us food for thought in the somewhat somber ‘Everything That’s Missing.’ The reflective track also features Dwele and is guaranteed to have you in your feels.

Good vibes or no vibes, my vibes

The performer finds his inner zen in the cool and calm ‘ZTFO,’ which features ad-libs from the one and only Travis Scott. It’s clear to see our fave has found himself in a great head space and only wants to be surrounded by positive influences. Bad energy: stay far away. Thank you, please!

My biggest rival is my mind protecting my thoughts, as well as my heart”

Big Sean joins forces with Anderson Paak, Earlly Mac, and Wale for this gorgeous soulful delight. Each artist complements one another perfectly on ‘Guard Your Heart,’ and the introspective lyrics will really give you something to think about.

I be careful who I love ’cause who I love is who could hurt me

Sean Don and Young Thug are asking for us to ‘Respect It’ on this insane Hit Boy production. Once again, we’re surprised by a beat switch towards the end, which pushes Sean to beast mode.

“Some losses teach you more than always winning ever could”

Los Angeles rapper, Dom Kennedy features on ‘Still I Rise,’ which has a real euphoric and motivational feel to it. From the production to the important lyrical context, you can’t help but feel like this song was made for you.

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“The best part ’bout problems is problems all come with solutions”

‘FEED’ is nothing but the truth. End of story!

If reading this has got you in the mood, stream Detroit 2 here!

What is your favorite Big Sean song? What lyrics resonate with you the most? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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