Hope Tala Shines On the New Girl Eats Sun EP

Hope Tala Shines On the New Girl Eats Sun EP

Even as the air blows colder outside – Hope Tala shines brighter on the new Girl Eats Sun EP! The London-based singer/songwriter released her third project on Friday, including the standout collaboration track ‘Cherries’, featuring chart-topping rapper Aminé. Baked into six new tracks are her hushed, sweet R&B vocals and warm, unique approach to bossa nova guitar that fully earn their ambitious album title.


Oh, you didn’t know the sun was a food group?

If you’ve never heard of Hope Tala – or eaten a sphere of hot plasma – let us introduce you to the girl that’s heating up!

She’s an English Literature graduate from the University of Bristol, now actively pursuing her first passion – music. In 2018, she released her first EP, Starry Ache. Following up in 2019 with her EP Sensitive Soul, the project included her breakout track ‘Lovestained.’ The project received strong acclaim from Rolling Stone and Vogue and sustained over 10 million streams last year!

Hope Tala via YouTube

You’ll like Hope Tala if you’re a fan of Raveena, Ariana Grande, or Ravyn Lenae. You’ll also like her if you’re trying to bask in the sun through winter. No joke; it’s like she somehow recorded the audible equivalent of a sleepy, sunny windowsill at 4 PM.

Girl Eats Sun EP: The Highlights

Slip through the curtains and press play on the first track, ‘Mulholland,’ featuring sky – you just have to. This song is where the sun rises over the rest of the album!

Some of the most playful energy resides in the championed song, ‘Cherries’ featuring Aminé. The track is a great initial approach to the Hope Tala style – especially with a familiar face to make the introduction! The ‘Garden of Eden’ theme is really narrative-driven, and interestingly enough, it actually glimmers across her discography!


Also, check out the new music video for ‘All My Girls Like To Fight!’ Poetic and feminine-driven, we’re both intimidated and moved by the intensity in the girls’ eyes. Somebody pass us a sword – we like to fight, too.

Hope Tala via YouTube

What did you think of the Girl Eats Sun EP? Do you now stream Hope Tala and/or consume sunshine on the regular? Do you like to fight? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Tulula Docherty

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