We Just Need A ‘Little More’ Time with FAKY

Japanese girl-group FAKY is wrapping up the year with ‘Little More.’ The quintet group has been on a roll this year with collaborations and music to help build their amazing catalog. After they released their R&B-inspired track ‘Darling (Prod. GeG)’ earlier this year, FAKY went back to their roots and released a new dance track called ‘Little More.’ It has been a while since we last heard a dance track from the group, ‘New Age’ being the last one, which was released in November 2019. We’re in love with this single, and we just know we need a ‘Little More’ time with FAKY.

FAKY releases their new song Little More
Image Source: FAKY via FAKYjp Twitter

Released on November 10th, ‘Little More’ premiered with a music video. The music video addresses their time as musicians during COVID and includes dance moves that you’ll be dying to learn. FAKY, in the music video, displays emotions of frustrations while dancing along to the song, and they firmly believe that it should be channeled into one of empowerment. 

Taki, the main dancer, gave their take on the song, “The reason why the title is ‘little more’ is because, with everything that’s going on all around the world, it’s very hard to know how our days would go from now. All we know is that we are progressing just a little more and try finding ways to work around the situation so that soon we will be able to be back to normal or maybe a new normal.”

The amazing dance moves are choreographed by the group behind some of our favorite K-Pop dances as well. Quick Style, a Norwegian dance crew, has choreographed dances for many artists such as BTS with ‘Boy With Luv’ and NCT 127 with ‘Kick It.’ FAKY is the first girl group that they have worked with, and they adored the girls.

“FAKY and avex made this experience even better by putting all their trust in our craft and vision for the girls.” Quick Style said about the collaboration.

This beautiful collaboration has us wanting a ‘Little More’ from the girl group and we’re looking forward to more of the dance tune to come. We’re glad that FAKY addressed the internal struggle creatives have in this time of COVID and managed to make a fun tune out of it. We can’t wait to see more from FAKY! 

Are you a fan of FAKY? Do you love their new music video as much as we do? If so, tell us more! Comment your thoughts down below, or start a conversation with us on Twitter at @TheHoneyPOP!

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