We Need A Little Christmas, And Thanks To Pentatonix, We Now Have It

We Need A Little Christmas, And Thanks To Pentatonix, We Now Have It

The Holiday season has begun, and we don’t want to hear a single “Bah, Humbug!” We have tinsel to hang, popcorn to string, cocoa to drink, and the new Pentatonix Holiday album on repeat.

Wait! You didn’t know Pentatonix has dropped a new Christmas album? Why not? We told you last week. Where have you BEEN? It’s called We Need A Little Christmas, and you know what? We do indeed need a little Christmas today. Every day, really.

Image Source: Pentatonix Album Art, Courtesy of RCA Records

They dropped it just in time, too. This is the sixth-holiday album they can notch in their belt, and that means 12 new songs to add to the rotation and get you into the holiday spirit.

From traditional pieces like ’12 Days of Christmas’ to modern favorites like ‘Seasons of Love,’ there’s something for everyone, and this is the only time of year that you can enjoy the harmonies this group is famous for while listening to the songs that put you in the mood to celebrate!

They’ve already dropped a new music video for one of the tracks! And, as usual, like the powerful vocalists they are, they have managed to touch the heart effortlessly. Check out ‘Amazing Grace’ below:

We Need A Little Christmas is available to stream everywhere. Find your favorite player and download it today! It’s as easy as clicking here. Then, when you’ve streamed it enough to memorize the words to every song on the album, come back here and drop a comment telling us if you’re in love with it as much as we are! Or, tweet us your thoughts @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured image: Courtesy of Pentatonix Official Twitter

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