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Interview: Matt LeGrand Is Absolutely ‘Crazy Bout Cha’ And So We Are!

Interview: Matt LeGrand Is Absolutely ‘Crazy Bout Cha’ And So We Are!

Photo Courtesy of Matt LeGrand:

Emerging pop singer and songwriter Matt LeGrand recently unleashed a brand new quirky song ‘Crazy ‘Bout Cha’ and we are buzzing. Featured as one of the Billboard Emerging Artists in 2019, Matt has gained popularity with his diverse singles ‘I’ve Been Watching You’, ’12:00 am’, ‘All Good’, ‘What Christmas Means To Me’. After moving from France to Chicago, the influential music of this vibrant city made a lasting impression on Matt, and he has been in love with music ever since, for as long as he can remember.

Photo Courtesy of Matt LeGrand:
Photo Courtesy of Matt LeGrand

Gaining recognition, admiration, and success, all combined, because of his charismatic personality, unmatchable passion for music, talent, and intoxicating style, Matt LeGrand has earned the title of Chicagoʼs Prince of Pop and we totally agree! At The Honey POP, we had an opportunity to chat with Matt about his latest track, musical inspirations, love for France, pandemic, upcoming projects, and much more. Read below to know more!

How did you know pursuing music was the right path for you? Was there ever a defining moment when you realized you picked the right career?

I had many things that I was highly passionate about when I was a bit younger and I knew that none of my plans had school in the picture. Through all these passions, I always seemed to revert back to music. I just couldn’t seem to let it go and just let it be a hobby. I knew I picked the right path when I started meeting the right people and realizing all that this career choice has to offer.

Where do you gain most of your inspiration? Are there any bands or artists that you would say have heavily influenced your sound?

I gain a lot of my inspiration from partnership. More importantly, viewing musicians, artists, singers, songwriters, and producers not as competitors but as collaborators. Collaborators to learn from. Kool and The Gang, Maroon 5, Drake, and Sebastian Yatra have all been influential in developing this sound that I am so excited for everyone to hear!

You lived in France until the age of seven, has anything from your early years and French culture inspired the artist you are today?

Seven was a really young age to leave a completely different culture. Although I am a native French speaker, I feel that I left at such a pivotal point and didn’t grasp onto the culture as much as I would if I had stayed for maybe two or three years more. As I’m getting older, I am putting in the time to reconnect with that side of myself. Both personally and musically. Singing in French is in the near future!

You recently did a livestream performance for your new single, ‘Crazy Bout Cha’, how different was it for you from a live show? Is there anything about a livestream or its process you’d like to keep when we transition back over to live shows?

Well, the main difference is that it was only the crew in the room. Because of that, the performance kind of felt like I was doing a never-ending soundcheck but I honestly had a wildly good time. The highlight of it all for me was the incredible band that supported me and I think I’ll be transitioning them into live shows coming in the future!

What’s the story behind ‘Crazy Bout Cha’? Can we expect a music video or visuals soon and if not, what would you picture it looking like?

My manager Bryant Reid had the idea of using a sound from a different era to give this song a throwback feel. We ended up using a sample from the song “Jungle Jazz” by Kool and The Gang. He played the entire EP for 4 focus groups at various colleges and they chose “Crazy Bout Cha” as their favourite. Luckily, we have a music video out now for it on Youtube and it came out to be even better than I pictured. We are releasing the entire EP with Create Music Group on Friday, November 27th, 2020.

What have you been up to during quarantine? Find any new hobbies or are there any new projects in the works?

It’s such an interesting and saddening time. I’ve really spent a lot of time reflecting on what I have and helping my community where I can. Most of my free time has pretty much been spent on music. I’ve created more music this year than ever. I also work as a producer for other artist’s, so I have dedicated time to that. The harmonica is my new love though!

What helps you continue to push forward creatively and improve your music? How do you get out of writer’s block when songwriting?

Honestly, finding new artists and fresh music is one of my favourite things to do. There is an incredible amount of music out there and it’s overwhelming but the more I find, the more I broaden my creative palette. I usually get out of songwriter’s block by listening to music believe it or not. Though I try to listen to something completely opposite of what I am trying to write. Metal usually works!

Would you say the pandemic changed you in any way as a person or a musician?

Yes. Again, it has made me self-reflect like never before. Realizing how lucky I am and how good I have it. It’s been a challenge and above all, I miss my family but I am fortunate to work and continue to pursue my career. There are many that haven’t been as fortunate, so again, I’m trying to give back as much as I can in my community. The pandemic has made me a more well-rounded musician as well with all the extra time.

If you could plan your own music festival which artists or bands would be must-haves for your lineup?

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Oh! I would absolutely need Blink-182, The 1975, Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, U2, and Adele. Maybe the Walmart Yodeling kid as well.

You’re stranded on an island and can only bring five songs to listen to while there (you can pick your own), what five songs would you pick? What made you pick these tracks? Is there anything behind these songs for you?

Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin), Paris (The 1975), Smile (Nat King Cole), I Miss You (Blink-182), Time In A Bottle (Jim Croce). If I was going to be stuck on an island, I would like to keep my song choices as diverse as possible! These are some of my favourite songs across my wide taste of music as you can see. Each song really hits a completely different emotion. Stairway because it’s one of the greatest songs of all time, Paris for its melancholy, Smile because everyone needs to, Blink 182 because they’re the reason I am in music, and Jim Croce because he’s able to fit the complexity of love and time all in a two-minute song.

We were absolutely blown away by ‘Crazy Bout Cha’ and we’re hoping that you are enjoying it too. Stay tuned as the upcoming EP is set to release on Friday, November 27th, 2020 via Create Music Group.

Stream and listen to ‘A Little Bit Of Yours’ on all platforms here!

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