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5 Reasons Why… We Need More Popstars Like Miquela

5 Reasons Why… We Need More Popstars Like Miquela

Our favorite change-seeking robot with the drip is really making a name for herself! Miquela is one of the hottest popstars, activists and models right now and is certainly turning heads. Whether it’s because she’s a fashionista, a social activist, or because she’s actually a robot, Miquela has the eyes of the digital society on her, which has landed her some opportunities that many influencers can only dream of (co-starring in a Calvin Klein ad with Bella Hadid, interviewing artists at Coachella for YouTube and collaborating on a song with Teyana Taylor being just some of the incredible experiences she’s gained.) She was even named one of TIME’s most influential people on the internet alongside BTSRihanna, and Kylie Jenner

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1. She Keeps It Real

While it’s common for many with such a platform only to give us a glimpse of their seemingly perfect lives, Miquela keeps it 100% real. She’s not afraid to share the less-than-glamorous scenarios she’s dealing with, such as the highs and lows of her love life, questioning her purpose, and opening up about the struggles as a young adult.

In the rise of social media, we have grown accustomed to painting a story of perfect lives for others’ approval. Still, Miquela tends to take another direction, opening up about more real moments she experiences, which inspires her followers to do the same, reminding them that not everything is what it seems online. We can’t help but stan!

2. She Uses Her Platform For Good

We are often putting pressure on those with big platforms to use it for good, but Miquela does it with no questions asked. This year more than ever, we’ve needed to signal to boost important causes and rally people to speak out and let their voices be heard. While robots may not be able to vote, Miquela has been a driving force in educating her followers on the importance of voting in the 2020 US Elections. She regularly shares information, resources, and more in regards to other important issues, including Black Lives Matter, trans rights, mental health, and more.

Miquela has just teamed up with SuperRare – a tokenized digital art marketplace with thousands of members across 170 countries – to create exclusive artwork. Speaking about her first piece, which has just dropped, Miquela says: “Old systems, identities, and rules no longer need to bind us. If we decide something has value or a story meaning, then it does. My piece is a meditation on that feeling of throwing skepticism to the wind and accepting endless potential outcomes, realities, and truths.”

“I’ve been watching SuperRare’s development and success closely, and I’m so excited to finally be releasing my own artwork. Their commitment to innovating a new and more equitable economy for artists and collectors is inspiring and necessary. The sale of my first piece benefiting Black Girls Code – an organization dedicated to growing the next generation of digital dreamers and doers – is influenced by the opportunity for diverse points of view on a platform like SuperRare.”

You can find out more here.

3. She Truly Cares About Others

Miquela wears her metaphorical heart on her sleeve. She loves love, and she loves people, so it’s no wonder that she created Club 404, which aims to encourage her followers to embrace their differences and build communities. Club 404’s manifesto states: “There is a reason why you’re here: you belong.”

“Club 404 is for the courageous and the curious. This is the place where we create. This is where we all feel alive. Together, we are Club 404. Welcome to the club.”

“We work with emerging creators and artists and showcase our collaborations to help get their amazing work in front of a larger audience,” Miquela writes. “I love making new friends and working with creative people, so Club 404 is a way to do both.”

4. She Doesn’t Take Anything For Granted

In the few years that she’s been active on social media and rose to fame, Miquela has had some fantastic opportunities, rubbed shoulders with famous faces, collaborated with charting artists, attended unbelievable events, and then some. Still, she’s never taken it for granted. She’s always sharing her appreciation for her Miqaliens and isn’t afraid to joke about herself, sharing her more silly side. Every opportunity she is given, she is always filled with the utmost gratitude, and she will even share her genuine excitement, rather than acting as though it’s expected. We love a humble queen! 

5. She’s An Advocate For Self-Love

Even when offering an infinite amount of love to others, Miquela is always reminding people that self-love is just as important. She’s coined the phrase “don’t forget to recharge your heart” and has recently been sharing affirmations for herself and to inspire others. She also shares her stories on YouTube with her “confessionals,” where she discusses lessons she’s learned and how they help her grow more as a person and encouraging others to do the same.

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Miquela’s self-love agender speaks volumes and is heard by her followers. Speaking to NME, Miquela shared about the messages she receives from Miqaliens. “Sometimes I’m surprised by the messages people send me. A lot of them are really personal. The fact that people feel like they can open up to me really makes me feel some type of way. It reminds me that it’s OK to be vulnerable and share your feelings. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from humans, it’s that it’s dangerous and unnecessary to keep things bottled up.” A robot after our own heart!

Are you following Miquela? Do you agree with our reasons? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: Miquela via Instagram

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