aespa Are Here And They Mean Business With Their Debut Single ‘Black Mamba’

aespa Are Here And They Mean Business With Their Debut Single ‘Black Mamba’

If you’re deeply submerged in the world of K-Pop (like us), you have probably heard of aespa. The new four-member girl group from SM Entertainment has been the talk of the town since their teasers were first posted. Now, they have officially debuted with their song ‘Black Mamba,’ and honestly, we’re in love with it.

aespa, which is made up of members Winter, Giselle, NingNing, and Karina, have captured our attention even more with this song and the MV. Although only rookies, aespa have impressed not just with this concept but also with their vocals and choreography, showing that they are here and mean business. The synth-pop song is catchy and has a chorus that gets stuck in your head (seriously, we’ve been singing “aya ya ya ya ya ya” to ourselves all morning). Their vocals fit with this instrumental perfectly; we’ve had the song on repeat since its’ release!

Image Source: SM Entertainment

aespa takes us down into their fantasy world, with bright colors and AI technology at its finest. You may even recognize some of this scenery before (hint: watch the ending of NCT’s ‘Make A Wish’ and SuperM’s ‘One (Monster& Infinity)’). Not only does the scenery pop and look like a dream, but so do the girls. They look absolutely stunning in their ever-changing outfits, and we’re intrigued by their AI counterparts and curious about what role they will play in the group’s future!

Image Source: SM Entertainment

Our favorite part, though, has to be the twist of darkness we see throughout this MV! While mostly bright, there is a dark side in this fantasy world of theirs, and it was a twist we didn’t expect. Everything may not be what it seems here, and there also appears to be a bit of mystery. More precisely, what (or who) is the dark figure we see at the end of their video? Will this be a story that will continue in aespa’s future MV’s? We’ll have to wait and see! We are willing to bet that we should expect the unexpected with this rookie group!

Did you check out aespa? What did you think of ‘Black Mamba’ and the
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Featured Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

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[…] aespa has been generating interest since the announcement they would be debuting under SM Entertainment because they’re not your average K-Pop group. aespa consists of Karina, Giselle, Winter, and NingNing and their AI avatar companions of the same names that “co-exist supporting and assisting one another and they can promote together with a revolutionary identity.” While AI artists aren’t necessarily a new thing, it’s a growing trend we are seeing, and we are honestly fascinated by it.  […]

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