Ariana Grande Is Serving It In Her New Video For ’34+35′

Ariana Grande Is Serving It In Her New Video For ’34+35′

THP fam, we know just like us, you have more than likely been listening to Ariana Grande’s new album Positions on repeat since its release. The album is a hit and has rightfully earned the No. 1 spot on multiple charts. Ari showed us a different side of herself on this album, and we have gotten to see even more of this in the new MV for her song ’34+35.’

There is so much that we love in this video! Not only is the song a bop (and rightfully a fan favorite,) but the visuals are everything. The video shows Ariana taking on the role of scientist, using her brain-power to make a robot version of herself come to life. The experiment turns out to be a success, and in a twist, robot Ariana turns human Ariana and her fellow scientists into fembots (we see you, Austin Powers!) The storyline is fun and puts a smile on our faces, something that we needed in 2020.

We also are obsessed with how stunning Ariana and her backup dancers look. Don’t be fooled; that choreography takes some major skill (did you see those splits?!) We are living for the aesthetics presented. With a trendsetter like Ari, we can sense another style trend coming based on this video!

If you haven’t checked out the MV for ’34+35′ yet- what are you waiting for? It will seriously brighten your day (just like Positions has done already). 2020 may be a rough year, but Ariana has been helping us through, thanks to this new era!

What did you think of the ’34+35′ MV? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Ariana Grande via Twitter

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