Bleachers Releases 2 New Singles Ahead of 2021 Album

Bleachers Releases 2 New Singles Ahead of 2021 Album

Bleachers has just released two new dog-eared, worn-in singles ahead of the upcoming 2021 album! Both tracks, ’45’ and ‘chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen),’ represent a faded road trip from bustling New York City to sole band member Jack Antonoff’s childhood home in New Jersey. This is Bleachers’ return to the spotlight, having last released new music in 2018 for the Love, Simon soundtrack.

Image Source: Bleachers via YouTube – ‘Bleachers – chinatown (Official Video ft. Bruce Springsteen)’

‘chinatown (feat. Bruce Springsteen)’

Bleachers via YouTube

In true Bleachers fashion, ‘chinatown’ is a song that starts as a stroll and eventually breaks into a full-on sprint. The song is an unabashed, genuine ode to an unnamed girl that embodies the essence of ‘chinatown.’ A hopeful romantic, Antonoff braves his emotional vulnerability before the setting sun when he sings, “I wanna find tomorrow/With a girl like you.”

The release was accompanied by a fuzzy, sentimental music video as both Antonoff and Springsteen hit the road back home. Director (and Antonoff’s girlfriend) Carlotta Kohl admitted on Instagram that she actually bought a VCR on eBay in order to evoke that authentic nostalgia! The dedication to her craft is greatly appreciated – the video looks exactly like how it sounds.


Jack Antonoff in 'chinatown' music video

The second single, in Jack’s words, is meant to be sung to himself in the mirror. He just happened to invite listeners in to hear it. Ruminating on his own progress and growth (or any lack thereof), his chorus uplifts any troubled self-doubt. Over a spirited acoustic guitar, he assures his reflection, “Our 45s/Spinning out of time/But honey, I’m still on your side.”

Okay, so Bleachers releases two new singles ahead of their 2021 album – what do you think? Do they give you any ideas about the upcoming full-length album? Which single is your favorite so far? Voice your opinions in the comment section below, or tweet your thoughts @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image Source: Carlotta Kohl

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